Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cracked fruitbowl + question for you guys..

Hi there :) Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I'm spending the weekend with the group I've been on fieldwork with writing our project..

Today I'm showing you a mani that I've worn since wednesday and am still wearing :O

This is my base color.. I've been wearing this polish a lot since I bought it in the beginning of the month.. I think it's so gorgeous! It's shimmer on the middle finger taken from the original sized pic I've put in the corner, so you can see it!

All the shimmer reminded me of Gosh Rainbow - well and probably the fact that it was the day I discovered all of them on sale - so I put on a coat.. I hadn't tried it over a light polish before..
The I put on an orange randomly - I didn't want to find something to sponge with, so I just used the brush with less polish on than usual.. And I did the same with my new crackle..
These first to pics are without topcoat, so the crackle is still matte.. unless I've dabbed some orange on top of it..
And with topcoat..

And the polishes (without rainbow.. don't know why I didn't put that one in there too)
Depend Cracked Effect in purple, Gosh Orange Drops and H&M Going Bananas

I really liked this mani.. Soo Simple.. And I got a lot of compliments on it.. I think the crackle polish is going to be my go-to when I wanna do a quick and easy mani without any extra tools..

I wanna know: Are you guys interested in seeing which polishes I've used when I post a mani? And the names on them and all that? Because I forget to take pics half of the time and never really now if I'm going to post it anyway.. But I wanna hear your opinion, because if you don't want it it's stupid of me spending time on taking pics of the bottles :p

Have a nice weekend :)


  1. :) I love the end result, which I usually do with your manis. This one reminds me of an abstract leopard print or something. Very Cool. :)

  2. I include pictures of the bottles on my franken posts because, if the person reading doesn't have the polish I used, they can see the color and perhaps find an alternative. It also seems many polish bloggers are actually holding the bottle when they photograph their manicure. As long as you noted what you used, there's no reason you can't go back and add bottle pics later.

  3. I love that combination with Gosh - Rainbow!

  4. Rachel: Oh thanks :) That is actually what people IRL have been saying about it too!

    MK: I use a lot of different polishes each time, so I won't always be able to hold the bottle in my pics.. But thanks for the tips :)

    Sylvia: Thanks, Gosh rainbow is just fantastic!

  5. Oh, very interesting! This crackle looks like marshmallow skin when you've roasted the marshmallow a wee too long and the outside is slightly burnt (MMmmmmy favorite). I really like the effect...although now I want marshmallows! :D

  6. VV, now I want marshmallows too! haha.. And skittles! haha.. But I'm glad you like the effect :)

  7. Great idea for the crackle polish! I like seeing the products used! That's why I do that on my blog.

  8. Thanks, Fey! Allright good to know :) I think I'll try doing it from now on :)


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