Monday, February 21, 2011

Chubby Cirkus Nails..

Well, this mani reminds me of a circus.. Not sure why?

It's a kind of a half moon mani with stripes and dots.. Not very neat done, but i really really like it :) Nice and simple..

It's just sad that I couldn't capture the real color of my base color.. It's a raspberry color! But you can see the silver flecks and I like that!

What I used:
A H&M Hello Kitty polish, a black W'n'W and tape for the stripes... Allright, taht wasn't very specific, but 'm too lazy to go get the bottles and see their actual names..

Oh and with the chubby in my title I referred to my nails.. They are very short now! I almost can't scratch myself with them.. And my hands look like chubby children hands with such short nails.. and I absolutely LOVE it! Apparently I really have a problem with looking feminine at the moment :p
I know a lot of polish fanatic would never have such short nails.. well that's just the way I roll here! haha

I wanna know: What's you desired lenght of your nails? As long as possible, or what's your limits?


  1. i didnt know H&M has Hello kitty polish. pretty mani!!
    I would prefer short nails because my nails are soft and its easier to type.

  2. They do, but those I've tried isn't a very good quality :/ But maybe I've just been unlucky!
    Well that's like me then :)

  3. Oooh. I get the circus tent feel! I really love that cute hello kitty bottle!

  4. I'm glad it's not only me! haha.. Yeah it is cute :) - and I don't even care for Hello Ktty..


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