Monday, February 28, 2011

Hornsleth nails

Friday I was with my dad at a motorcycle fair..
My dad is interested in motorcycles and have two himself, and I just think it's fun and since I got hooked on nail polish a whole new world opened up at a fair like this..
It's interesting to look at the finishes on the vehicles (I enjoy car fairs too).. It can be a lot of inspiration to frankens.. And the color combinations can be inspiration to nail art, as well as if the vehicle is airbrushed or something like that..

Friday we saw a motorcycle with a design painted by a danish artist Hornsleth.. And I immediately wanted to do a nail design inspired by it :)

And close ups..

As soon as I got home I began transferring the design to my nails:

The plain matte, white nail was just to break it up.. A kind of reverse accent nail :P

I really like the 'reverse accent nail look'.. haha..

I loooved this look.. And saturday my oldest brother held his birthday, I showed my nails to my dad and he recognised it from the bike! yeah.. haha

What I used:
If you wanna know the names on some of this, just ask.. I'm lazy..

I loove getting this kind of inspiration!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I made some frankens a couple of weeks ago..And tried them a week ago I think.. Normally I'm not showing full manis of frankens, mostly because I don't do them, but I really onjoyed this mani I did with two of my frankens..

I didn't get a good pic of the base color (a franken) because it was at night.. This was the best..
It's uch more complex IRL.. It's made of Gosh Golden Dragon if you know that one..

I made a glitter franken with glitters I bought the same place as THESE.. Some of the glitters did bleed unfortunately, but that just resulted in a very interesting base color of the glitter..

It was impossible to photograph! But the next morning I got the most color accurate pics.. But still.. Imagine it withmore green in it..

I just really liked it..

I wanna know
: Are you intrested in seeing 'swatches' of my frankens when I do that occasionally? Or is it only interesting if it's incoorporated in some nail art?

Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been a busy bee

Hey Ladies :) I hope you are all doing well :)

I've been very busy lately with finshing up on our fieldwork prject, making a presentation and two days of conferences.. And then a lot of celebrating that we have a week of winter break now! haha..

So I haven't really been doing my nails the last week, except for one mani but that's one I'm going to enter to a contest, so I'll show you that one later on..

So here's some manis from a couple of weeks ago, which I didn't know if I should post.. But now I'm doing it anyway :)

This is an unfinished mani.. I went to bed after doing this and wanted to finish it the day after, but those stars were scrathing me all the time so I took it off..

This one is just kind of weird.. haha.. I never figured out if I liked it or not..

And this one is just really really simple.. I actually really liked it.. That silver foil polish on the tips - I don't like it on it's own.. But that is a perfect way of using it..

I hope you're going to have a fantastic weekend :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chubby Cirkus Nails..

Well, this mani reminds me of a circus.. Not sure why?

It's a kind of a half moon mani with stripes and dots.. Not very neat done, but i really really like it :) Nice and simple..

It's just sad that I couldn't capture the real color of my base color.. It's a raspberry color! But you can see the silver flecks and I like that!

What I used:
A H&M Hello Kitty polish, a black W'n'W and tape for the stripes... Allright, taht wasn't very specific, but 'm too lazy to go get the bottles and see their actual names..

Oh and with the chubby in my title I referred to my nails.. They are very short now! I almost can't scratch myself with them.. And my hands look like chubby children hands with such short nails.. and I absolutely LOVE it! Apparently I really have a problem with looking feminine at the moment :p
I know a lot of polish fanatic would never have such short nails.. well that's just the way I roll here! haha

I wanna know: What's you desired lenght of your nails? As long as possible, or what's your limits?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cracked fruitbowl + question for you guys..

Hi there :) Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I'm spending the weekend with the group I've been on fieldwork with writing our project..

Today I'm showing you a mani that I've worn since wednesday and am still wearing :O

This is my base color.. I've been wearing this polish a lot since I bought it in the beginning of the month.. I think it's so gorgeous! It's shimmer on the middle finger taken from the original sized pic I've put in the corner, so you can see it!

All the shimmer reminded me of Gosh Rainbow - well and probably the fact that it was the day I discovered all of them on sale - so I put on a coat.. I hadn't tried it over a light polish before..
The I put on an orange randomly - I didn't want to find something to sponge with, so I just used the brush with less polish on than usual.. And I did the same with my new crackle..
These first to pics are without topcoat, so the crackle is still matte.. unless I've dabbed some orange on top of it..
And with topcoat..

And the polishes (without rainbow.. don't know why I didn't put that one in there too)
Depend Cracked Effect in purple, Gosh Orange Drops and H&M Going Bananas

I really liked this mani.. Soo Simple.. And I got a lot of compliments on it.. I think the crackle polish is going to be my go-to when I wanna do a quick and easy mani without any extra tools..

I wanna know: Are you guys interested in seeing which polishes I've used when I post a mani? And the names on them and all that? Because I forget to take pics half of the time and never really now if I'm going to post it anyway.. But I wanna hear your opinion, because if you don't want it it's stupid of me spending time on taking pics of the bottles :p

Have a nice weekend :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cracked pearls...

I'm glad that I can help some of you guys with the GOSH polishes :) The first swaps are already set in motion and they are going to be my first ever :)

I did this simple manicure a couple of nights ago and I've just only taken it off now! So I've worn it for 1½-2 days! That's a lot for me, at the moment..

I was inspired by a pearl necklace - can't remember if I saw it in a serie, in a picture or whatever, but I tried to make a pearl necklace on my nails..

It's a bit crooked, but I think it's nice anyway.. I didn't wanna have necklaces on all my nails, neither leave them alone, so I did a kind of funky french with 'pearls'..

It's so simple but I really liked it.. And I actually got a compliment from one of the old men where I've done fieldwork for the last week and a half.. haha..

Well today, at the same store I discovered the GOSH polishes, I stumbled upon the Depend Cracked polishes.. I've seen them before, but decided they were too expensive for me, but This time I decided to buy one.. I ended up with the purple..

And I wanted to try it right away, so I did it on top of this manicure.. So it's just slapped on and with no topcoat..

I tried doing it in different direction to see how big a different it would make.. It is kind of cool.. I wouldn't use it for whole manis, but I did another mani with it today that I'll show you tomoroow or so..

Stay happy :)

Anyone interested in GOSH Holographic and/or Rainbow?

Hey Guys!

I've seen around the nail blogs, that GOSH Rainbow and Holographic are pretty sought after and is hard to get.. Well there happen to be a beauty store near my house which sell misc GOSH polishes for HALF PRICE! I've spotted quite a few Rainbows and a couple of Holographic..

So I thought if you are one of those people (or know anyone) who really want to get your hands on those polishes, maybe we can arrange a SWAP?

So if you're interested please comment on this post or send me a mail (It's right there -->).. If you happen to know another blogger who's interested, let them know!
I would like to do a swap, haven't done it before, so I would need some guidance if anyone wants to :p

If I get any requests I'll try to get my hands on more bottles - so fa I've bought one of each just in case..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scrub by flowers

Hope you've all had a great weekend :)

Here's a mani I wore this weekend.. I was inspired by it from my facial scrub.. yeah.. why not? haha..

Here's the nails and the inspiration.. See the 'square' white flowers on the scrub? Those were the ones I tried to replicate..

Here's a better look at the mani..

And another one..

I really liked it! So it's still a mystery to me why I took it off after only one day? hmm..

Oh, the base color is a franken..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oil-y random candy stribes..

Sometimes I think my titles only makes sense to me.. But I'll try to explain..

The base color for this mani is a blackened purple kind of.. But it shines a lot of other colors too, including green. I can't get a decent pic of it at all.. It's impossible to capture.. But it reminds me of oil..

In this picture it's way darker that IRL but it's possible to see some of the colors it reflects - especially if you click to enlarge.. I can't explain how it looks and the pics doesn't capture it, so I just give up..
I then masked some of it off with tape and used a purple and green polish to randomly paint where it wasn't masked of.. I like the way it 'blends' together..
It reminded me of a bon bon we have here in DK - which btw tastes AWESOME!! - Sismofytter - hence the 'candy stripes' part in the title..

Ehm yeah.. This mani was coolor IRL.. And i liked it even though it wasn't that contrasting.. Maybe because I got the taste of liqorice bon bons every time I looked at my nails? haha

As you can see (maybe) my nails are shorter now! After last mani I figured that it felt very weird for me to have 'long' nails.. It was to feminine and so not me.. So atm I have my nails as short as possible - almost.. It's much more comfortable!

I'll just stop now.. This post is way too confusing.. Hope you manage to get some of what I'm writing, I'm not sure I do :S

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yellow/Purple/Green somethingsomething

I had no idea for a title..

I'll just get straight on to the nails.. It's been a tough week - our first fieldwork! So I'm tired..

I wanted something with the colors yellow, purple and green.. So I did this:

I knew I wanted to do something on top of this... So I did something that was inspired by THIS mani by Delaynee. I did it with black acrylic paint (I still haven't bought a new black creme)

Found out later that I've done something like it a couple a months ago [POST] What's up with my memory? Good that I have a blog to function as a memory for me..

I really liked it - even though I didn't really do a good job with making the lines even. But later that day I began playing with some of my franken glitters, so I removed it the same day :/ It was just so colorful.. Oh well, I can do it again another time..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(In my head it sounds like a frog... never mind)

I'm catching up with the manis..

This is a franken I made, inspired by a franken in THIS mani at Emerald Sparkled..

I've wanted to make bunny nails for a while, but these came out different that I wanted.. But I still like it :)

I used a mix of acrylic paint and nail polish for this.. Mostly nail polish actually.. From time to time I forget I have the option to use paint instead..

I looove doing animal nail art.. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've found non-bleeding glitters!

I'm sooo behind on posting my manis! But I'm just really busy at the moment.. I'm on my very first fieldwork this week, and it's really exhausting! The last week I've actually been wearing polish without nail art :o

Some weeks ago I went to a store near my parents, a store with some different cheap stuff.. I bought some polishes (yayyy!) and some different, very cheap glitters.. I didn't expect them to be any good (the glitters).. I tried them the next day, just randomly putting them on top of my newly laid polish.. And I was pleased to see that they didn't bleed :)

When I came home I tried to do a glitter top coat with them.. And they still didn't bleed og melt or any thing :)
Yay! haha.. So next time I come near that kind of store, I'm going in there and buying all the different kind of colors and shapes that they have.. 'cause I loooove them..

Some shots with the two of the glitters in my glitter polish:

Not very nice manis this time, I just wanted to show the glitters!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

Have you ever seen the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? I have plenty of times.. And read all of the books plenty of times.. I like it a lot :) So about a week ago, I saw it again - that was when I didn't have my computer to waste my time with..

So I thought I wanted to make a mani inspired by the cover from the book (the ultimate) and the DVD.. So here's some not-very-good pictures of my mani:

pointer-finger: 42 (the ultimate answer answer); index: Weird green thing from the book cover; the rest: Just the universe :)

Index: Marvin, the maniodepressive robot; Pointer-finger: A rubber duck, which is one of the forms the space ship take under the improbability drive; the rest: just the universe + an accidental splash of yellow in the middle finger

Marvin with Marvin from the DVD cover

The weird green thing with the weird green thing from the book cover; and 42 with the more fancy 42 from the DVD cover

Marvin and the rubber duck with their fellas on the DVD cover (see the rubber duck in the far left corner?

Oh well, if you haven't read the book(s) or seen the movie, then this probably didn't make any sense at all..

Even though it wasn't the best well done mani of mine, I really liked it.. Maybe because of the theme :)

So have you seen the mocie or red the book(s)?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Franken, Flakies & French Tip

For a looong time ago, I experienced for the first time that I've bought a polish (it was actually two) I didn't like [POST].. A couple a weeks back it dawned on me, that one of the polishes (Gosh Ocean) would make a fantastic franken.. So I mixed it with black and a small amount of blue (I was out of black creme)..

And the result is here.. I'm still stunned about the color.. It's amazing.. It's green, teal, blue, everything.. well not everything, but I've tried to capture the awesomeness in these photos - but they don't do it justice!

A night in artificial light - I still don't know how to take decent pics without dayligt..

In dayligt and with slight tip wear..

I thought Glisten Up! by essence [POST] would make a good companion.. And it really did.. I couldn't quite capture the awesomeness of that either..

And later in the day I decided to add black french tips.. I did it very sloppy, but what the heck..

Aaah.. I couldn't stop looking at my nails.. I went to my parents house between the flakies and french tips and at first my mom only saw the green - and of course she doesn't look at polishes the way I do, nobody I know does that.. But then the day after she said "Hey, it looks blue now!" Yep! It does that too.. The she understood what I was blabbering about when I said I really really really liked this color..

Do I just get easily excited or is this a wonderful shade? :)
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