Friday, January 14, 2011

Tipsy Flowers

I've been a bit MIA because of my exams.. BUT... I handed in my exam paper today at noon :D So that means I'm off until next semester begins.. And that's in two weeks :D Aah, I'm looking forward to be able to relax a bit!

Se here's a mani I've been rocing while writing my paper..

The base color is the polish, I tried to make a more opaque franken of last week [POST].. I think thos is four coats or something.. I did it over two days, 'cause I didn't have much time..
So it's pretty sheer.. It's actually a weird combo, it has a nice green shimmer and then small blue and silver glitters.. but I like it :)

I wanted to do some nail art, but it had to be simple and fast to do because, yeah I should spent my time on my exam..
So I ended up with grass and flowers on my nails :) I liked it a lot! It's made with acrylic paint..

Well, I'm about to go eat dinner with my study group to celebrate our good work! And then we are going to celebrate with the rest of our 'classmates' later.. yay.. I need beer! haha..

I've done a 'celebration' mani.. But I'll show you that tomorrow :)

See ya!


  1. :) This is adorable. It has to be a favorite of your designs.

  2. I love this mani! So cute. Have fun celebrating...nothing is better than beer!

  3. Rachel Marie: Wow thanks, you really think so? cool

    VV: Thaanks :) Beer is just the best.. Especially after many weeks with studying :D


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