Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Owly Howly

I don't think that means anything ^^.. That was just what was in my mind..

Well here's an owl-mani.. I've made one before, but that was before I borrowed my moms camera when my old one was broken.. I think that one was better than this..

But here it is.. The only decent picture I got - it was at night, so I only had artificial light..
The base colors are kind of weird together.. but that was what I felt like doing :S And the blue/right owl is pretty deformed.. But I like the other one :) haha.. I have to try and do this at another time.. But I don't know in which colors..

Well the weird looking stuff on my pinky and pointer was supposed to b e owl tracks.. But.. I didn't really succed in making them..

So this must be a semi-fail I think.. haha


  1. I actually quite like this! I like that the colours are different - yet they all work really well together!!

  2. These owls are ADORABLE! I'd love to see you post about what kind of brushes you use. Also, you always have the best color combo. :)

  3. definitely not a fail! they're so cute!!

  4. This is really cute!! You should be proud of yourself!!!

  5. I love it! The owls are precious and I love the little owl tracks!

  6. Thanks all of you, ladies :) It makes me glad that you don't think it's a fail! And that the colors are working ;)

    Rachel Marie: Allright, I don't think it would be an exiting post, but I can try making one!

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