Thursday, January 27, 2011


I had this great idea in my head.. I must have gotten the idea from Scrangie's post on Illamasqua's Throb collection and her interpretation of the mani in the promo-pic [LINK]

It looked different in my head.. Well partly because I wanted to do the hearts on a black creme base, but I was out.. And because I figured the hearts would be thinner and longer - but I still wanted some of the hard to the edges of my nail.. I guess I should have much longer nails to make it look like it was in my head.. what the heck..

Since I didn't have more black creme I went with a nude look - I couldn't really picture it with another color that would look great..
I used three different reds.. But that didn't show up that much.. And it just looks weird with the glitter on my pinkie (it was also on my thumb, but pics with my thumb is so ackward)

I took it off after 15 minutes.. I just wasn't satisfied..

Besides that, I've decided to put a logo on my pics, because I've been reading on different blogs that they have had their pictures stolen.. Not that I think that any one would steal mine, but then I'm on the save side :) I don't know if I'll get too tired of doing it, but I'll se how long it lasts..


  1. But i think it looks great!!!

  2. Despite the fact you weren't a fan (I understand the pain and frustration in that!) - I still think it looks really cute! I think I might just have to use this as Valentine's Day inspiration!

  3. Silence: Thanks! I'm glad you do :)

    Delaynee: Thanks a lot! Sometimes it's difficult to appreciate a mani when it looked different in your head. haha.. Go ahead and get inspired :)


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