Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year :)

I hope all of you got into the new year without being to hangover-ish and with all your fingers (it would be a shame to have less nails to paint! ;))

Here's a mani I did a couple of days ago.. I wanted to use a polish I'd never used (on my nails at least - I have used it in frankens a lot).. I've always thought it would be very sheer and that I wouldn't like the color.. But I was sooo wrong.. I love it..

This is two coats.. It's not opaque, but I like it like this.. I think this might be a jelly? I'm not that good at identifying all of those different finishes..

The I wanted to try the nail ar tpen I got from my brother and his wife for my birthday.. So I did this:

I thoought it needed something else, so I applied another color somewhere and at last decided to make tips with that color too.. That color was a new one, they had a lot of make-up for one brand in my supermarket, that they never carry. I think they just got them to get rid of them, because it was veeeery cheap.. One for about 2 EUR (I can't fin the sign on my computer??) and 4 for 2,7 EUR.. That's extremely cheap here and of course I needed 4 then.. But there wasn't really any other color I like, so I'm just gonna use them for frankening..

Oh, you wanted to see a picture?

I really like how it looks, so you get another picture :) haha

When I'm taking pics of my nails atm I take hundreds! I really like playing with my new camera.. I still have to learn under which conditions the picture gets best.. But you might see a lot of pics in the future.. haha

Well enough with the rambling.. see ya :)

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