Saturday, January 15, 2011

Glittaaarh Bomb!

Yesterday I wrote about a celebration mani because I've finished my first semester and first exams and now have two weeks off before second semester begins :D

So, the idea for this mani came because of a mani my mom did! Yeah it's soooo cool she's doing her nails now.. She made french tips with rainbow glitter.. Isn't she awesome? Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.. Well I thought I wanted to do a rainbow-ish glitter mani too, but on the whole nail..

I've never been into a lot of glitter, so I thought this would be way to fancy and blingy for me, but I looved it.. I don't think there's any of the pics that shoes how it really looked IRL.. But I'll show you some in different lightings..

First I did a rainbow skittles, so that there wouldn't be any naked nails peeking trough

Aand here's the glitters I used:

And the result!

I wanted it to have different patterns on each nails, so I just slapped to glitter on randomly..
And two super thick layers of top coat so it wasn't gritty

Well I liked it a lot! I might do something like that another time.. And it wasn't that bad to take off.. I thought it would be worse..

And we had a great night with wine, beers and dancing and I've just been relaxing today and really enjoyed not having to study!


  1. This is really cool. How did you apply the glitter?

  2. Very nice! Almost looks like you got it done with acrylic glitter! BAM! Love it!

  3. Awesome!!! I have some glitter but I haven't tried it yet! What did you use to stick it to your nails?

  4. Thanks Ladies :) I was kind of proud myself :p

    Starving: I have no idea what acrylic glitter is! but thanks! haha

    Fey & Rachel Marie: I applied the glitter by swiping on some clear polish, put on some glitter polish, glitter etc.. One color at the time. I used a tea spoon to poor the glitter onto the nails :p Pretty messy! haha.. But I just put the excess back into the container afterwards..

  5. Glitter, wuhu, det er vildt flot, ELSKER GLITTER :D


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