Thursday, January 6, 2011

Evolving mani!

I've been to my first exam today! It was a 3 hour, no books, no notes, no nothing kind of exam.. We had to memorize 100 years history of anthropology.. Then we got 3 text, where we should choose 2 of them, identify the author/anthropologist write about him and the text and what else he believed in and what was going on at the time.. pheeww.. 3 weeks of studying.. And then two of the text are some of the most popular anthropologist that we know by heart.. damn.. But it's over now :) And I think it went well :)

And in honour of the late 19th century and early 20th century believe in social evolution, I call this mani an evolving mani.. Because it kind of is..

For a while I've wanted to try to make 'fishnet' nail art.. And because I got a nail art pen for my birthday, I decided to try it because I figured it myst be easier to do than with a brush..
I don't have a picture with only the 'fishnet'
It needed something more.. So I added multicolored tips..

Here I'm trying to show off the glitter and shimmer in the polish.. It's very sheer.. But I still only used 1 coat.. I'm into sheear polishes at the moment.

But I still thought something was missing.. So I began to fill in some of the squares with colors.. And I ended up liking it like that..
It's a bit weird mani.. I don't think it was pretty or anything.. But I liked it.. It was a bit of.. And in a lot of colors :)

This is how much I liked it.. A 3rd picture of the finished mani :o

So now I'm going to relax a bit for the rest of the day.. But I should start studying for the next exam, it's on monday! Thankfully it's a 4 day exam..


  1. I like it! It really looks like fishnet stockings in the first version!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy this manicure :)


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