Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up

I've been doing a lot of manis lately, that have't made it onto the blog, mostly because many of them are experiments with new techniques or simply because I wanted to try an untried polish and slapped some nail art on, just because it feels weird to wear a polish without it, and I lacked inspiration..
So I thought I would show them to you quickly

This mani is a result af wanting to try some 'new' polishes and trying some sequins, to see how the work with polish.. I know a lot of them are too big for nail art, but it's from my mom's hobby stash and I wanted to try them.. I kinda like the effects of the round ones - but as you can see they bleed when they come in contact with tc..

This is me wanting to pair some polishes in a similar color together.. I like how they go together, but it's way to subtle for me..

Here I both wanted to try the base color - a slightly franked polish made of a dear polish of mine which had a lot of bubbles and drying problems [POST].. And the rhinestones were new, so I wanted to try those out..

Here I wanted to try out the base color.. Actually quite pretty shimmer, but it's just not a color I would wear.. Maybe I should franken it! I just slapped some random nail art on..

Here I wanted to try out the base (a franken) and again try out the sequins and rhinestones (pre-clean up pic).. I like the polish :) But this kind of nail art doesn't really do it for me..'

Well, I hope you enjoyed these not-that-great manis :)


  1. what? these manis are great! :)

  2. Rachel Marie: Thanks :)

    Katrina: Well I'm glad you think so :)And Thanks!


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