Monday, January 10, 2011


This is a mani I did friday.. For some unknown reason I wanted to do something with a white base..

Here's a Wet'N'Wild white polish with a layer of a very sheer white-ish polish with nice shimmer on top.. Yeah, that's how specific I am with which polishes I used.. ahem..

Aaand then I added dots.. I've actually never tried adding dots in this way - in rows..

And then I added black tips.. I don't know why I like adding tips at the moment.. I've neer done that before.. I guess it frames in the mani nicely..

Well, I should be writing an exam paper right now.. We got the assigments this morning and am going to deliver it on friday at noon.. But I kind of can't take it seriously.. and I'm reeaally tired.. But I guess I'll go early to bed tonight, get up early tomorrow and write the hell out of that exam..



  1. I like this. Simple but cute. :)

  2. I loooove B&W manis! I need to do it more often! It reminds me of dice! Boardgame nights!

  3. Det ser mega fedt ud :D


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