Monday, January 31, 2011

brown-ish & orangey-peachy.. ahem..

Argh, I have soo many manis to show you guys, but I haven't been able to use my computer for a couple of days because I forgot my charger at my parents house..! But I've got it now! Phew.. I suddenly realised just how much I use it!

Well these nails must be a bit more than a week old.. The first pics are taken in artificial light, and it bugs me that I haven't really found out how to take good pics in artificial light (aka when there's no daylight) with my new camera yet :/

So here it is.. A brown-ish color with a orangey-peachy color (not color accurate in artificial ligth)

I actually really liked this design.. I was a bit proud, that I managed to draw with such a thin line without screwing too much of it up..The day after in dayligt, so with tip wear and possible nicks and marks.. Here the orangey-peachy color is accurate! It's actually a franken and I've used it a ton of times before [I'm too lazy to dig out posts and linking here]

So I hope you're all doing well and have had a good weekend :) I have (even though most of it was without my computer) and today was the first day of my second semester :)

An award :)

I've been tagged in a blog award, THANKS ALOT 21stCenturyHippy/NorthernNails :D Check out her blog, she does awesome nail art!

UPDATE! I've also been tagged by Stacie at Kawaii Nail Art :D She does some amazing nail art too! Yay! /UPDATE

There are some rules about this award..

1. Thank and link the person who gave you this award. Been there, done that!
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers to tell them about this award

1. I looove cats! But I'm kind of allergic to them. Not that I can't bee in the same room with them, but I can't live with a cat for a longer period of time.. So it's great that my brother and his wife have a lot of cats :)

2. I don't watch television.. I have a lot of channels and I have to pay for them, I can't cancel it :/ I hate all the commercials you are forced to see in tv.. Instead I watch a lot of series online.. haha..

3. I don't wear make up.. I'm too lazy.. I can't remember when was the last time I wore mascara, but I can remember it felt very annoying, because I wasn't used to it.. Sometimes I do use some mineral concealer to try to cover up my black marks under my eyes.. but.. not that often.. That's why nail polish is a weird obsession of mine..

4. I like music.. I listen to it almost all the time.. As soon as I get up I put on music.. When I'm at home and especially when I'm studying.. Not that much when I bike around the city anymore.. I listen to music when I go to sleep! I'm not that good with genres but I like rock, metal, heavy-metal, balkan, viking-metal, instrumental, indie, indierock, oriental, alternative rock, new age, celtic etc etc.. I proably forgot a lot..

5. I looove fruit and vegetables.. I feel physically best when my main courses are healthy and not too fatty.. But as long as my main meals are healthy I can easily eat a lot of candy and chips afterwards.. kind of weird..

6. One of my hobbies, that I've had for the longest time is bellydance.. I can't remember when I started, but I've had it in my life for many, many years, because my mom is dancing.. I've had a lot of breaks from it, some of the breaks have been for years.. I'm on a break now too and have been a year.. But I hope I can start dancing again sometime in the future :)

7. I would like to spend more time outdoors.. Climb a tree or something like that.. But I'm way to lazy and wouldn't know what to do.. meh.. Maybe it will come eventually :) haha

Allright I tend to ramble when I first get started, as you can see.. Sorry about that.. haha

So according to the rules I have to tag 15 blogs! That's a lot.. I'm to lazy to do that (sorry!) But I'm going to tag: Cille from Cillekassen! Because she's one of my friends from real life and the only one I know IRL who is interested in nail polish and nail art!
So go visit her blog and look at her elegant nail art :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I had this great idea in my head.. I must have gotten the idea from Scrangie's post on Illamasqua's Throb collection and her interpretation of the mani in the promo-pic [LINK]

It looked different in my head.. Well partly because I wanted to do the hearts on a black creme base, but I was out.. And because I figured the hearts would be thinner and longer - but I still wanted some of the hard to the edges of my nail.. I guess I should have much longer nails to make it look like it was in my head.. what the heck..

Since I didn't have more black creme I went with a nude look - I couldn't really picture it with another color that would look great..
I used three different reds.. But that didn't show up that much.. And it just looks weird with the glitter on my pinkie (it was also on my thumb, but pics with my thumb is so ackward)

I took it off after 15 minutes.. I just wasn't satisfied..

Besides that, I've decided to put a logo on my pics, because I've been reading on different blogs that they have had their pictures stolen.. Not that I think that any one would steal mine, but then I'm on the save side :) I don't know if I'll get too tired of doing it, but I'll se how long it lasts..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up

I've been doing a lot of manis lately, that have't made it onto the blog, mostly because many of them are experiments with new techniques or simply because I wanted to try an untried polish and slapped some nail art on, just because it feels weird to wear a polish without it, and I lacked inspiration..
So I thought I would show them to you quickly

This mani is a result af wanting to try some 'new' polishes and trying some sequins, to see how the work with polish.. I know a lot of them are too big for nail art, but it's from my mom's hobby stash and I wanted to try them.. I kinda like the effects of the round ones - but as you can see they bleed when they come in contact with tc..

This is me wanting to pair some polishes in a similar color together.. I like how they go together, but it's way to subtle for me..

Here I both wanted to try the base color - a slightly franked polish made of a dear polish of mine which had a lot of bubbles and drying problems [POST].. And the rhinestones were new, so I wanted to try those out..

Here I wanted to try out the base color.. Actually quite pretty shimmer, but it's just not a color I would wear.. Maybe I should franken it! I just slapped some random nail art on..

Here I wanted to try out the base (a franken) and again try out the sequins and rhinestones (pre-clean up pic).. I like the polish :) But this kind of nail art doesn't really do it for me..'

Well, I hope you enjoyed these not-that-great manis :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A bit of colors to brighten it all up..

Thanks a bundle for all the well-wishes, ladies :) It makes me happy!

Since I've been sick and coughing a lot, doing my nails haven't been the easiest thing.. So for a day or so, I had almost naked nails - I wore a very nude color that was so sheer and in the right color that it looked like natural nails without staining! wuhuu..

Well I wanted to spice it up just a little bit, so I ended up with a rainbow.. I loove rainbows - so colorful!

So on all nails I have a coat of H&M - Misty Pink and a coat of a glitter with a lot of subtle colors..

Later I decided to try to add a bit more to the mani.. I can't decide if I like it..
I screwed up my index finger, that's why it's not in the picture.. See how I have two adjoining colors from the rainbow on each tip?

I altmost feel well again, so your wishes did help :)

Hope you are all doing great!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grey scale..

I feel like it's been forever since I posted last time.. but it's because I'm ill and lying down on my couch all day.. My head feels like it's about to explode and I have to blow my nose every other minute..

Even though I haven't really been doing a lot of nails while I've been ill, I still have a lot of manis I haven't shown you yet.. But a lot of them doesn't deserve to get up her anyway..

But this mani I really liked, even though it's simple and not colorful at all..
I really liked this mani.. I'm not sure why..

But I know that I'm psyked about these pics, because I actually got to take them in daylight! That's not happening very often..

Well I'm off, I need to lie down again.. Hope you are all doing great :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Faaar, Får får får?

... "Nej får får lam!"

I'm guessing you are thinking: "What was that all about?"
It's a word play we have in danish.. about sheeps..
The sentence means (roughly translated): "Dad, does sheepS get sheeps?" "No, sheeps gets lambs" It makes no sense in English! But here, 'get' and 'sheep' is spelled the same way.. And pronounced in the same way.. So basically it sounds like 'sheep sheep sheep?'..

eerr.. well.. enough with this lame attempt to translate a word play..

Anyway, why did write all this nonsense?

Because of this:
A mani I did the other day.. with sheeps.. and for the word plays sake the small ones kan be lambs..

It didn't turn out like I wanted it.. But I still think it's kind of sweet.. I enjoyed having it on my fingers!

And in case you're wondering.. The thing on the ring finger should be a sheep from behind.. And the grey doodle in the middle should be the tail.. oh well..

Btw, it was made with a mix of polish and acrylic paint..

Hope you all had a great monday! :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Glittaaarh Bomb!

Yesterday I wrote about a celebration mani because I've finished my first semester and first exams and now have two weeks off before second semester begins :D

So, the idea for this mani came because of a mani my mom did! Yeah it's soooo cool she's doing her nails now.. She made french tips with rainbow glitter.. Isn't she awesome? Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it.. Well I thought I wanted to do a rainbow-ish glitter mani too, but on the whole nail..

I've never been into a lot of glitter, so I thought this would be way to fancy and blingy for me, but I looved it.. I don't think there's any of the pics that shoes how it really looked IRL.. But I'll show you some in different lightings..

First I did a rainbow skittles, so that there wouldn't be any naked nails peeking trough

Aand here's the glitters I used:

And the result!

I wanted it to have different patterns on each nails, so I just slapped to glitter on randomly..
And two super thick layers of top coat so it wasn't gritty

Well I liked it a lot! I might do something like that another time.. And it wasn't that bad to take off.. I thought it would be worse..

And we had a great night with wine, beers and dancing and I've just been relaxing today and really enjoyed not having to study!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tipsy Flowers

I've been a bit MIA because of my exams.. BUT... I handed in my exam paper today at noon :D So that means I'm off until next semester begins.. And that's in two weeks :D Aah, I'm looking forward to be able to relax a bit!

Se here's a mani I've been rocing while writing my paper..

The base color is the polish, I tried to make a more opaque franken of last week [POST].. I think thos is four coats or something.. I did it over two days, 'cause I didn't have much time..
So it's pretty sheer.. It's actually a weird combo, it has a nice green shimmer and then small blue and silver glitters.. but I like it :)

I wanted to do some nail art, but it had to be simple and fast to do because, yeah I should spent my time on my exam..
So I ended up with grass and flowers on my nails :) I liked it a lot! It's made with acrylic paint..

Well, I'm about to go eat dinner with my study group to celebrate our good work! And then we are going to celebrate with the rest of our 'classmates' later.. yay.. I need beer! haha..

I've done a 'celebration' mani.. But I'll show you that tomorrow :)

See ya!

Monday, January 10, 2011


This is a mani I did friday.. For some unknown reason I wanted to do something with a white base..

Here's a Wet'N'Wild white polish with a layer of a very sheer white-ish polish with nice shimmer on top.. Yeah, that's how specific I am with which polishes I used.. ahem..

Aaand then I added dots.. I've actually never tried adding dots in this way - in rows..

And then I added black tips.. I don't know why I like adding tips at the moment.. I've neer done that before.. I guess it frames in the mani nicely..

Well, I should be writing an exam paper right now.. We got the assigments this morning and am going to deliver it on friday at noon.. But I kind of can't take it seriously.. and I'm reeaally tired.. But I guess I'll go early to bed tonight, get up early tomorrow and write the hell out of that exam..


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week of failed manis

The last week or so I've been having a lot of mani fails.. Either I never got to do any nail art before chipping my base color or it just turned out bad..

I'm going to show you a few, just because..

This is a franken.. I tried to make the color of a new polish - like how it looks in the bottle (it's very sheer, but it looks amazing in the bottle) It didn't really turn out well.. And it bubbled..
Yeah, it's a weird combo.. But I'm going to do a mani with the original polish at some point..

And here's a failed nail art.. I liked the idea, but I did it too sloppy, so it looks too.. I don't know a word for it..

Well that's it.. Just wanted to post something! haha.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Evolving mani!

I've been to my first exam today! It was a 3 hour, no books, no notes, no nothing kind of exam.. We had to memorize 100 years history of anthropology.. Then we got 3 text, where we should choose 2 of them, identify the author/anthropologist write about him and the text and what else he believed in and what was going on at the time.. pheeww.. 3 weeks of studying.. And then two of the text are some of the most popular anthropologist that we know by heart.. damn.. But it's over now :) And I think it went well :)

And in honour of the late 19th century and early 20th century believe in social evolution, I call this mani an evolving mani.. Because it kind of is..

For a while I've wanted to try to make 'fishnet' nail art.. And because I got a nail art pen for my birthday, I decided to try it because I figured it myst be easier to do than with a brush..
I don't have a picture with only the 'fishnet'
It needed something more.. So I added multicolored tips..

Here I'm trying to show off the glitter and shimmer in the polish.. It's very sheer.. But I still only used 1 coat.. I'm into sheear polishes at the moment.

But I still thought something was missing.. So I began to fill in some of the squares with colors.. And I ended up liking it like that..
It's a bit weird mani.. I don't think it was pretty or anything.. But I liked it.. It was a bit of.. And in a lot of colors :)

This is how much I liked it.. A 3rd picture of the finished mani :o

So now I'm going to relax a bit for the rest of the day.. But I should start studying for the next exam, it's on monday! Thankfully it's a 4 day exam..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Owly Howly

I don't think that means anything ^^.. That was just what was in my mind..

Well here's an owl-mani.. I've made one before, but that was before I borrowed my moms camera when my old one was broken.. I think that one was better than this..

But here it is.. The only decent picture I got - it was at night, so I only had artificial light..
The base colors are kind of weird together.. but that was what I felt like doing :S And the blue/right owl is pretty deformed.. But I like the other one :) haha.. I have to try and do this at another time.. But I don't know in which colors..

Well the weird looking stuff on my pinky and pointer was supposed to b e owl tracks.. But.. I didn't really succed in making them..

So this must be a semi-fail I think.. haha

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Heya :) Hope you're all doing well!

Today I'll show you a mani where the base color is the color I rambled about a couple of days ago because it was soo cheap [POST].. On top of that I thought it was so gorg that a had to try it for a full mani..

This is ONE coat! And noo need for clean up.. I love it..
It's a brown-ish, cobber-ish color with gold glimmer/shimmer/sparkle? As always I'm an idiot when it comes to describing the color.. The label says purple glitter.. At least I can say that that is not true!

Click to see the full gorgeusness in this pic..

After doing the nail art I apparently had a hard time taking decent pictures:. I can't remember why.. But these two are the best I have, and they are very different..:

I liked this a lot because of the lovely colors and I thought it was very nice and simple..
For the black outlining I used my nail art pen again [POST].. I love that one too!

Well, I'm off to meet with my study group.. We have an exam in a couple of days, we've been studying and studying by ourselves for the last weeks and now we'll try to make sense of it all!

See ya :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holo on holo

A made this black holo franken a week ago or so.. I'm not that much into holographic polishes, I only have one, a Milani.. The blue one? I'm too lazy to go look at it.. But I don't really know what to do with it.. So I decided to franken some of it..

Pretty simple, just added black polish..
I couldn't really capture the hole, 'cause it was evening, so I only had artificial light..

I cut out some stencils and used the original holo polish..

Very simple.. But I really don't know what kind of nail art to do with holos.. What do you guys do with your holos? I know they are very sought after..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year :)

I hope all of you got into the new year without being to hangover-ish and with all your fingers (it would be a shame to have less nails to paint! ;))

Here's a mani I did a couple of days ago.. I wanted to use a polish I'd never used (on my nails at least - I have used it in frankens a lot).. I've always thought it would be very sheer and that I wouldn't like the color.. But I was sooo wrong.. I love it..

This is two coats.. It's not opaque, but I like it like this.. I think this might be a jelly? I'm not that good at identifying all of those different finishes..

The I wanted to try the nail ar tpen I got from my brother and his wife for my birthday.. So I did this:

I thoought it needed something else, so I applied another color somewhere and at last decided to make tips with that color too.. That color was a new one, they had a lot of make-up for one brand in my supermarket, that they never carry. I think they just got them to get rid of them, because it was veeeery cheap.. One for about 2 EUR (I can't fin the sign on my computer??) and 4 for 2,7 EUR.. That's extremely cheap here and of course I needed 4 then.. But there wasn't really any other color I like, so I'm just gonna use them for frankening..

Oh, you wanted to see a picture?

I really like how it looks, so you get another picture :) haha

When I'm taking pics of my nails atm I take hundreds! I really like playing with my new camera.. I still have to learn under which conditions the picture gets best.. But you might see a lot of pics in the future.. haha

Well enough with the rambling.. see ya :)
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