Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I was out ice swimming! Damn it was cold.. There was literally flakes of ice in the water where we jumped it.. There were also places with solid ice, but of couse we chose the place with least ice in it..

Well, I was inspired to do some icy/snowy/cold nails.. And I've just gotten some rhinestones from my mom - not made for nail art, but for crafting and stuff. But they are small, so the can fit onto the nail :)

The mani look really bumpy on the pics.. And it is.. I was sponging and was to lazy to put another layer of topcoat on to even it out.. Lazy lazy me..
And I was not very good at applying the rhinestones - I was extremely shaky! So they're not even..
And the snowflakes/ice crystals aren't that good either.. But enough with the excuses!

The reason why there's so many pics, is because I'm trying to show of the lilac hue/shimmer/shifting/what-ever-it-is-called.. If you click on the pics you can probably see it!

Have you all been having a nice, winter-y weekend?


  1. I like this :). It reminds me of when i was in elementary school and we made pictures with sponge paint of snowflakes.

  2. I think it looks beautiful! I love it!

  3. SO cute!!! And the shimmer is very pretty!

  4. Thanks a lot all of you :) :)


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