Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, the other day I mentioned that I've gotten a new way of storing my polishes and what else is connected to it..

I'm going to show you how I've arranged it..

Here's the dresser. It have been my grandmoms.. I love the way it looks..

In the top drawer I have what I usually use every time I do my nails; base- and topcoat, nail wheels for trying out designs, acrylic paint, brushes and so on..

The second draweris my polishes:

Third drawer is my 'franken drawer'. Here's glitter and makeup that I'm trying to franken with (anybody has experience with that?), frankens that I'm not satisfied with yet, some bottles, balls and so on..
The fourth drawer is my 'storeroom'. Here's the rest of my bottles and balls for frankening, cuticle products that I've tried out but not using at the moment, brushes and whatever I don't usually use.

So that's it :) I now use this as my 'desk' when I'm doing my nails.. Quite handy..
How are you guys storing your stuff? And do you categorize it in another way?


  1. what an awesome way of storing things!

    my polishes are pretty messy right now. i have a helmer & a plastic drawer for them..but they're not in any order right now..and i have like.. 20 polishes sitting on my desk right now - - biggg mess. haha

  2. I have three 6 quart clear plastic boxes with all my nail polish, sorted by brand (except top and base coats, which are all together regardless of brand). These boxes are lined with non-slip drawer/shelf liner to prevent some of the slippage. I have one "really useful box" holding all of my hand scrubs, cuticle oils, tools, etc. All of my nail art things are in another plastic box, as I don't use them with every mani and was getting SUPER annoyed when they were mixed in with everything else.

  3. Katrina: Thanks.. I'm glad finally to have it all organised somehow..
    Haha I know how it feels :)

    Rachel Marie: haha great.. I think they are fun too.. And it's a good way of getting inspiration

    TrojanNails:Wow it really seems like you've got it organised real good :) And with non-slip-drawers.. That's a good move :)


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