Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some blingy stars!

I needed a quick mani the other day for a christmas 'dinner' at uni.. And since I hvaenøt really been into freehanding anything lately, I ended up sponging a bit and throw in some stars..

This is how it turned out (shown in crappy pics):

And a bit blurry for the sake of the blingy:

I actually liked it, even though I didn't think I would.. Maybe my taste is changing? Hmm..

Well anyway, I was in a hurry and of course it didn't all dry hard, so I ruined pretty fast! Excellent!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend :)


  1. This came out really cool! Like the night sky on the moon or something :)

  2. I agree! I love this look! :D great mani.

  3. ooh, that looks awesome!~ turned out so great!

  4. this is really cute.. merry Christmas & happy new to u & to ur family!! xoxo

  5. Thanks a lot all of your :) I'm glad you liked it!

    Rachel Marie: I like your interpretation of it :)

  6. I love it! I've got to do something to celebrate the holidays as well...hrm, what to do! I love the stars on you mani, they are so much fun!

  7. V-V: Thanks :D The stars were really a distraction! haha.. yeah, it's not always easy to get ideas of what to do!


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