Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rainbow flowers!

Mu current mani is a colorful flower-mani, much like one I've done before [POST]. For a while I've wanted to do something colorful over black, and since I have some acrylic paint now, I thought I could do it easier and with less drying time..

I made the flowers with white acrylic paint first.. And then afterwards with polish, so that the color would pop out! And the small green dots are eith acrylic paint..

It's nice to use a mix of acrylic paint and polishes.. The acrylic paint dries much faster :)

I really like these nails :)


  1. I like it. :) It's like fabric.

  2. Hi, Swaafie! I love how this mani turned out! :)

  3. Mor: Nej du er smuk! hehe

    Silence is Loud, Thanks a lot :)

    Rachel Marie: Yeah, actually it is.. I didn't think about that.. thanks :)

    Rina: Thanks, I like it too :)

  4. Flot som altid - længes du efter sommer ? :)

  5. Tak far! nej det gør jeg ikke.. hehe.. hvorfor skal alt være sæson-præget? :p Jeg kan bare godt li farver!


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