Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nail related gifts :)

I wanna show you my nail related christmas/birthday gifts, because I'm so excited! haha..

Here's some polishes to use for frankens and containers to use for various stuff (I have a lot of stuff to put in those, I just have to pick!)

And here's TONS of empty bottles for my franken-creatures along with balls and shaker-heads :D I think there's about 80 (!!!) bottles and I think they can contain 5 ml..

And then there is a Mavala whitening-thingy! I used it as a base for my birthday mani, but forgot to mention it.. And a nail art pen in black! Great for outlining :D

And this is not exactly a gift, but my mom stocked me up on acrylic paint, after I got so excited about using them.. I got the most basic colors, so I can just mix away!

I'm so excited for all these things and I'm really looking forward to use them :)

I've also gotten a chest of drawers, that was my grandmothers, than I'm using to store my polishes and all the supplies.. I'm thinking about showing how I store my stuff to you, if you find it interesting?

Take care and have fun :)


  1. Looks like so fun stuff to play around with!
    :) I LOVE stash pics, so yes show me!

  2. I love seeing what everyone got for presents! Looks like you got quite the haul

  3. So cool! The perfect gifts! My fiancée got me a huge makeup artist case for all my polsihes as a Christmas present! Love gifts like these!

  4. Rachel Marie: And it is :) haha.. Allright I'll let you have it then ;)

    Scandalous: yeah, I think it's fun too! I did, and I'm quite happy about it 'cause my every day budget doesn't allow me to buy anything..

    Fey: Aaww, that's sweet of him :) It's nice that he supports your hobby! haha..


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