Saturday, December 18, 2010

I miss my camera :/

I am not at all good friends with the camera i borrowed.. I always thought my camera sucked.. I guess you never know what you have until you loses it! haha cliché-ish..

Well, I guess I have to post some of my pics, even though I don't like them..

I did this mani a week ago or something.. But I couldn't capture the colors at all.. This is the best shot, but it's not that close.. The 'pink' color os more of a crimson-ish color (i'm very bad at deciding colors - but I know it wasn't pink.. That would just be too girly for me)

I jsut wanted something simple, and my original thought was to do it with red.. But that would be too christmas-y.. And I'm not really into all that.. So it ended up being semi-girly instead..

Oh well.. I'm on a studying period now.. I have exams in 2½ weeks or so.. So maybe I'll have the time to do some more manis, since I'm going to sit on my bum studying..

I hope you'll all have a nice weekend!


  1. :) This is cute! A different color combo than you usually do!

  2. Yeah, that's actually true! I hadn't thought about that!


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