Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest NYE nails

These nail I haven't done.. It's my mothers :) After having a Christmas mani [POST] she wanted to have New Years Eve nails too.. But since I wasn't there to do it, she had to do it herself..

I'm showing you this, because I think what she's done is cool.. My mom doesn't really own any polishes, I think she has one or two as far as I recall.. After having her christmas-mani she bought a base- and topcoat, so she could play with some of her crafting/hobby stuff - She is after all an author of childrens painting/cutting/pasting/crafting/hobby books [LINK].

So what she's done is to use acrylic paint instead of nail polish.. I didn't think that would last at all, but she says it does, so that's just soo cool :) And then she put on glitter/glimmer :)

This pic is NOT taken by me, but by my Dad.. The nails are NOT painted by me, but by my mom :D and it's on her own nail.. Judt to be clear! haha

So my mom went from never wearing nail polish, to go straight to nail art :D I have a cool mom! haha.. I'm curious to see if she's going to do more in the future..

Would you guys be interesting in seeing my moms nail once in a while, if she keeps doing this? And of course if she want to share.. haha


  1. I love the fact that your mom did this and your dad took the picture! It´s really cute! And it must make you very proud! My mom wore red nail polish for the first time ever for Christmas because of me and I was really happy!

  2. I am very proud! haha.. I think it's fun :)
    That's so cool! The mums can learn a lot from their daughters :p


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