Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brown, gold and black!

Yeah, I'm very creative with my headlines at the moment, huh?

I have another simple mani today - I don't feel like doing something fancy.. I'm way too tired! And I'm at my parents again, so I don't have a lot with me!

These pics are taken with my dad's camera, and EOS 450D, which is very different from my camera (and my moms old, that I'm borrowing).. So pictures are a bit different.. I haven't learned to take decent pics with this one, so this is the best I got:

But I do like that camera a lot!

Well, I'm off! I hope you all feel well!


  1. I love this as always! You do such a good job with designs!

  2. Aaww thanks :) I feel like I'm running out of ideas, so if you have any feel free to share them :)

  3. I sometimes feel like you do, without ideas for a mani. I'm sure ideas will hit you when you least expect it. :)

  4. Rachel Marie: Thanks :)

    Rina: Yeah I must be prepared for when it hits me then :) Glad I'm not the only one feeling like that sometimes..

  5. It's so pretty!!! I like it a lot!! :D


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