Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday nails :)

So, today's my birthday :) And I had to do birthday nails! I did it with acrylic paint again - I really like it for making designs with details.. It's so much easier to work with!

Well, these picture I took with.... My new camera!!
I got a camera for my birthday from my parents.. Wuhuuu :) They knew how much I 'suffered' from not having my camera and how bad my mom's camera I borroed was.. haha.. It's nice.. I have to get used to it of course, but I'm so happy about it :)

L-R: Some Danish birthday flags, number candles and balloons..

It didn't turned out how I wanted it to be, but I guess I'll never be satisfied.. But I like it a lot :D


  1. Your birthday is on Christmas! Pretty cool! Happy birthday and I'm so glad you got a new camera!

  2. happy birthday!! what an awesome mani too :)

  3. Starving: Yup! And I don't think it's that cool! haha.. But here we celebrate Christmas Eve, so it's not on the day.. thankfully.. Thanks for the wish :) I'm psyked about my camera!

    Katrina: Thanks :D (on both) I like it too :)


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