Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest NYE nails

These nail I haven't done.. It's my mothers :) After having a Christmas mani [POST] she wanted to have New Years Eve nails too.. But since I wasn't there to do it, she had to do it herself..

I'm showing you this, because I think what she's done is cool.. My mom doesn't really own any polishes, I think she has one or two as far as I recall.. After having her christmas-mani she bought a base- and topcoat, so she could play with some of her crafting/hobby stuff - She is after all an author of childrens painting/cutting/pasting/crafting/hobby books [LINK].

So what she's done is to use acrylic paint instead of nail polish.. I didn't think that would last at all, but she says it does, so that's just soo cool :) And then she put on glitter/glimmer :)

This pic is NOT taken by me, but by my Dad.. The nails are NOT painted by me, but by my mom :D and it's on her own nail.. Judt to be clear! haha

So my mom went from never wearing nail polish, to go straight to nail art :D I have a cool mom! haha.. I'm curious to see if she's going to do more in the future..

Would you guys be interesting in seeing my moms nail once in a while, if she keeps doing this? And of course if she want to share.. haha

Glitter-y mani

Last night I wanted to play with some of my glitter a bit.. It didn't turn out how I wanted it, but I'll just have to learn to work with it :)

Here's the base color:

Here's my right hand.. There's only glitter on one nail, because I got tired of playing with it.. I added a 'half-pearl' thingy in one corner..

My left hand. I did this one first and I actually liked this hand best.. I added some smaller 'half-pearls' on these..

These were the the glitters I used.. they are not really showing up on the pictures of the nails..

Right now my nails are actually bare now :o

Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, the other day I mentioned that I've gotten a new way of storing my polishes and what else is connected to it..

I'm going to show you how I've arranged it..

Here's the dresser. It have been my grandmoms.. I love the way it looks..

In the top drawer I have what I usually use every time I do my nails; base- and topcoat, nail wheels for trying out designs, acrylic paint, brushes and so on..

The second draweris my polishes:

Third drawer is my 'franken drawer'. Here's glitter and makeup that I'm trying to franken with (anybody has experience with that?), frankens that I'm not satisfied with yet, some bottles, balls and so on..
The fourth drawer is my 'storeroom'. Here's the rest of my bottles and balls for frankening, cuticle products that I've tried out but not using at the moment, brushes and whatever I don't usually use.

So that's it :) I now use this as my 'desk' when I'm doing my nails.. Quite handy..
How are you guys storing your stuff? And do you categorize it in another way?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rainbow flowers!

Mu current mani is a colorful flower-mani, much like one I've done before [POST]. For a while I've wanted to do something colorful over black, and since I have some acrylic paint now, I thought I could do it easier and with less drying time..

I made the flowers with white acrylic paint first.. And then afterwards with polish, so that the color would pop out! And the small green dots are eith acrylic paint..

It's nice to use a mix of acrylic paint and polishes.. The acrylic paint dries much faster :)

I really like these nails :)

Nail related gifts :)

I wanna show you my nail related christmas/birthday gifts, because I'm so excited! haha..

Here's some polishes to use for frankens and containers to use for various stuff (I have a lot of stuff to put in those, I just have to pick!)

And here's TONS of empty bottles for my franken-creatures along with balls and shaker-heads :D I think there's about 80 (!!!) bottles and I think they can contain 5 ml..

And then there is a Mavala whitening-thingy! I used it as a base for my birthday mani, but forgot to mention it.. And a nail art pen in black! Great for outlining :D

And this is not exactly a gift, but my mom stocked me up on acrylic paint, after I got so excited about using them.. I got the most basic colors, so I can just mix away!

I'm so excited for all these things and I'm really looking forward to use them :)

I've also gotten a chest of drawers, that was my grandmothers, than I'm using to store my polishes and all the supplies.. I'm thinking about showing how I store my stuff to you, if you find it interesting?

Take care and have fun :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday nails :)

So, today's my birthday :) And I had to do birthday nails! I did it with acrylic paint again - I really like it for making designs with details.. It's so much easier to work with!

Well, these picture I took with.... My new camera!!
I got a camera for my birthday from my parents.. Wuhuuu :) They knew how much I 'suffered' from not having my camera and how bad my mom's camera I borroed was.. haha.. It's nice.. I have to get used to it of course, but I'm so happy about it :)

L-R: Some Danish birthday flags, number candles and balloons..

It didn't turned out how I wanted it to be, but I guess I'll never be satisfied.. But I like it a lot :D

Friday, December 24, 2010

CHRISTMAS EDITION: Guest nail, christmas nail art and fancy photos!

So tonight's the night.. Here in Denmark we celebrate Christmas Eve.. I'm at my parents house at the moment and in about half an hour we are going to my brothers house to celebrate christmas :)

My mom wanted me to do her nails, so I did :) And because I didn't bring a lot of polishes, I borrowed my moms acrylic paint, to do the nail art.. Oh, I loved that! It's so much easier to work with and it dries much faster :D So I might do that in the future too..

Well, my dad loves to take pics, so he took pics while we where sitting there.. With his fancy camera (hence the fancy photos in the title)

It's the first time I've done other peoples nails!

And the result:
And with a fish-eyes kind of lens (but close up, so the fish eye effect isn't that explicit)

And afterwards I did my own nails.. I wanted something simple.. And I wanted to do it with the acrylic paint.. So I went with some spruce/fir/whateveryoucallit

So Merry Christmas everyone :D Christmas is over for me tonight, 'cause tomorrow is my birthday :) wehuu..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tagged.. :)

I was tagged with a lot of questions by Rachel Marie :)
It must be a week ago now.. I've been working on these questions a couple of times since I got tagged, but I'm seriously bad at something like this.. Soo, I haven't been able to fill out an entire category.. Haha.. I'll just let you see what I've answered so far and then that must be it!

7 things I have to do before I die:
- Live in the middle of nowhere with no modern technology or anything.. Preferably with people who lives like that normally (That must be the side effect of wanting to be an anthropologist).
- Hitchhike somewhere..
- Have lots of cats! Even though I'm allergic.. I just love them soo much!
- Get a manicure at a salon.. That could be fun to try
- Skydive!! Again...

7 things I say all the time
In Danish/In English
- Crap (I actually say crap, so this is not translated)
- Hvad har jeg nu gjort?/What have I done now?
- Yay!
- Wheee (When I'm in a good mood)

7 things I am good at
- I'm extremely good at sleeping at the moment (in a bad way)
- Procrastinate

7 flaws
- I think someone who know me should answer this one..

7 qualities
- Same as the above.. haha.. I simply have no idea..

See what I mean? Not good at answering these kind of questions!

I TAG: Fey at The Nail Experiment :) Good luck answering these questions! haha

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I was out ice swimming! Damn it was cold.. There was literally flakes of ice in the water where we jumped it.. There were also places with solid ice, but of couse we chose the place with least ice in it..

Well, I was inspired to do some icy/snowy/cold nails.. And I've just gotten some rhinestones from my mom - not made for nail art, but for crafting and stuff. But they are small, so the can fit onto the nail :)

The mani look really bumpy on the pics.. And it is.. I was sponging and was to lazy to put another layer of topcoat on to even it out.. Lazy lazy me..
And I was not very good at applying the rhinestones - I was extremely shaky! So they're not even..
And the snowflakes/ice crystals aren't that good either.. But enough with the excuses!

The reason why there's so many pics, is because I'm trying to show of the lilac hue/shimmer/shifting/what-ever-it-is-called.. If you click on the pics you can probably see it!

Have you all been having a nice, winter-y weekend?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some blingy stars!

I needed a quick mani the other day for a christmas 'dinner' at uni.. And since I hvaenøt really been into freehanding anything lately, I ended up sponging a bit and throw in some stars..

This is how it turned out (shown in crappy pics):

And a bit blurry for the sake of the blingy:

I actually liked it, even though I didn't think I would.. Maybe my taste is changing? Hmm..

Well anyway, I was in a hurry and of course it didn't all dry hard, so I ruined pretty fast! Excellent!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I miss my camera :/

I am not at all good friends with the camera i borrowed.. I always thought my camera sucked.. I guess you never know what you have until you loses it! haha cliché-ish..

Well, I guess I have to post some of my pics, even though I don't like them..

I did this mani a week ago or something.. But I couldn't capture the colors at all.. This is the best shot, but it's not that close.. The 'pink' color os more of a crimson-ish color (i'm very bad at deciding colors - but I know it wasn't pink.. That would just be too girly for me)

I jsut wanted something simple, and my original thought was to do it with red.. But that would be too christmas-y.. And I'm not really into all that.. So it ended up being semi-girly instead..

Oh well.. I'm on a studying period now.. I have exams in 2½ weeks or so.. So maybe I'll have the time to do some more manis, since I'm going to sit on my bum studying..

I hope you'll all have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yay, I got tagged!

Amy at Starving Nail Addict tagged me on this one:

I've never tried that before :0 But it seems like I get to answer some questions :) (Btw, I have no idea what it says on that banner)

1. Why did you create this blog?
Well..I made is a way to keep track of my progress with nail art.. And some of my family members were interested in my little hobby, so I thought this was the easiest way for them to follow it..

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
Nail art blogs, some regular nail polish blogs..

3. Do you have a favorite make-up brand?
Have no idea!

4. And a favorite clothing brand?
Something cheap and comfy :D

5. What make-up products are essential to you?
I don't really use any.. Sometimes I use a mineral.. concealer.. I think? See I don't even know what it's called.. :p

6. What's your favorite colour?
I'll have to pick two; red and green (but not together)

7. What's your favorite perfume?
Clean - Simply Soap.. I'm kind of allergic to some perfumes and I'm very sensitive regarding smells.. (so it's a wonder I can live through painting my nails)

8. What's the film you liked the most?
That's a tough one! I think I like a lot of movies!

9. What countries would you like to go?
Oh, every single one! And hopefully I'll get the chance to go to a lot of them once I'm an anthropologist!

And then to the tagging.. I'm tagging Rachel Marie!

I'll post some manis soon! I just haven't felt like doing any nail art.. And now that I've done it, I can't get along with the camera I've borrowed :/ I miss my old camera!

Until then; have a good one :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No nails, but..

.. I wanna thank all of my lovely readers :) The last month or so I've gotten a lot of new readers! I'm happy that there is somebody outthere who wanna look at my nail art attempts and read my rambling..
I get so happy when I read your comments - it really make it worth blogging :)

And yes, I think 31 readers is a lot! I never thought I would even make ten..

I don't feel well at the moment, so i don't think there'll be a lot of manis here, but I have a question for y'all..

Which base coat is (in your experience) the best to use, when you want to prevent staining on your nails?

I hope you've had a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brown, gold and black!

Yeah, I'm very creative with my headlines at the moment, huh?

I have another simple mani today - I don't feel like doing something fancy.. I'm way too tired! And I'm at my parents again, so I don't have a lot with me!

These pics are taken with my dad's camera, and EOS 450D, which is very different from my camera (and my moms old, that I'm borrowing).. So pictures are a bit different.. I haven't learned to take decent pics with this one, so this is the best I got:

But I do like that camera a lot!

Well, I'm off! I hope you all feel well!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A franken..

I don't feel well at the moment, so there's going to be a minimum of rambling :/

This is a franken I made a couple of days ago.. My first matte franken! I "spiced" it up with something simple: Glisten Up! and some glitter in random patterns..

So that's it for today, very simple!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yay, I've borrowed a camera :)

I went visiting my parents this weekend.. And I borrowed my mom's old camera :) So I can post my manis again!

I was in a hurry when I packed, so I just grabbed four random polishes to take with me.. And this is what I did with them:

I like that it's colorful :) I'm not really used to this camera, it's a bit different than my was.. But I'm just glad that I have a camera!
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