Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is wrong with my whites?

I have a serious problem with my white polishes.. They never really dry.. So now that I bought a thinner I thought that it might work on those polishes, because they are a bit gloopy too..

But it didn't work :/

Here's my nails after trying various ways of making them dry.. Looks nice enough, right?

Here's the different kind of products I used to try to make it dry.
LA Dry Booster.. Mavala - some kind of dry spray.. A Quick drying TC.. And lastly I tried A matte TC because they always dry harder than normal TC. I gave them all more than normal time to work..

And after a couple of hours trying to make my base ready for further polishing, I could do this:

(Excuse me the stained nails, I had a problem with a green polish)
I could scratch it off! WTF?

Why is it I can't make it dry? Does anybody have the same problem?

And what I really wanna know is: Which is your best white nail polish? Because I really really want one I can use! And don't say H&M - Love at first sight, because that is the one of the 3 I have that's worse.. I've read on a lot of blogs, that it's the perfect white.. But apparently not for me.. Or else I got a very bad bottle..

Heeelp! haha..


  1. :0 bloggers despair- trying to find the perfect white!
    I've tried 5 so far-
    Ulta, China Glaze, Sally Hansen hard as nails, Essence and and sinful colors.
    IMO, I think Ulta was the best for drying time and coverage.
    I also let it dry as much as I can between coats and then top it off with a fast drying topcoat.

    hope that helps!

  2. Haha yeah, apparently I'm not the only one looking!
    When I'm trying out my whites I also let it 'dry' for extremely long time before doing anything.. But it doesn't help! SO annyoing. And the quick dry top coat I've tried never do any wonders for me.. I guess I should try that Seche Vite everyone is raving about.
    Well I can't buy any of these polishes here in DK, but when I'm out of my no-buy I should probably order some from over seas..

    Thanks :)


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