Monday, November 22, 2010

What is it with purple and green together?

I'm going to show you a mani I did yesterday.. First I'll show you my base colors..

I chose to have two base colors, because I wanted this one to shine through the next one:

And I took pictures of this one (Get Nailed! No name, 2 sheer coats) because I was surprised by the blue, red and pink glitter in it!

I have to admit that this is a polish I just bought (the promise I made about not buying any polishes for the rest of the year isn't going that well apparently) To my offense I have to say it was extremely cheap! 10 polishes in a packaged for 45 DKR ($8.24)! I've never in my life seen polishes that cheap in DK! And I thougt it would be crappy polishes, so I at least could use the bottles for frankening.. But the formula is VERY good! It's not all of the polishes I like, but I can use those for frankening..

Wow, I got sidetracked there.. Well onto the other base color (on top of the other, duh):

This is another Jordana polish [POST].. I love this one! A black base with purple (or magenta or something else, what is it called?) glitter..
The other polish didn't really shine through - the black base was more opaque than I remembered..

And for some reason, every time I apply this one I immediately think of green [POST].. So my nail art ended up being this:

It should be triangles, but I don't think it is easy to draw freehand, without it ending up being a wonky triangle.. But I like looking at this one, because of the color combination :) So I'm happy with it!

BTW, I'm trying to find the right nail shape for my, that's why the shape is different each time I post :p


  1. I love this color combination. I really like the green you used; I think it compliments the base color so well.

  2. Funny you mentioned your nail shapes. Before I read your post, I was looking at the first pic (that purple base one) and I was thinking, "Hey, that's a really nice shape for her nails. I like the slight roundness to them." So hey, I think this shape looks really good! Too bad that first purple didn't show through.

  3. :) That green reminds me of slime!

  4. Virkelig nice! Jeg glæder mig meget til at få min bærbar tilbage, så jeg kan poste igen :) Og wow, sikke mange læsere du har fået :D

  5. Varnish Vixen: Yeah it does, right? I don't know what there is about green and that purple :p

    Starving: Well, I must have found the round one then! haha.. I was planning to have something like this, but I need them to grow a bit, so I can shape them a bit more..

    Rachel Marie: Haha Yeah mee too! Slime is fun! :p

    Cille: Ej, lever du uden bærbar? Hvordan overlever du dog? Og med skolen og sådan? Jeg ville dø! Jeg krydser fingre for at du får den snart!
    Ja jeg ved ikke lige hvad der skete :S Lige pludselig var de der bare.. Men det er lidt hyggeligt :)

  6. Jeg har en mini bærbar, men den dur ikke til noget, alle usb-indgange er i stykker, og den er vildt langsom, så kan kun stene lidt facebook, og så er det det. Men får min bærbar tilbage på torsdag :D

  7. Love the combo!
    Purple and green are opposite on the colour wheel so it makes sense to want to put them together! It shows how artistic you are ;)

  8. Cille: Ah okay :) Glæder mig til at se dine manis igen! :)

    Fey: Ahh, so there is some logic behind it. Great! Thanks for calling me artistic :) haha I've never been called that before, and I'm not sure I deserve it, but thanks anyway :)


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