Thursday, November 25, 2010

Water marbling.. Why do I keep doing it?

And this is even a double water marbling.. And I don't like the look of a water marble on me.. But I think it's so fun to do..

All the while I did this, I loved it.. I thought " oh, maybe I'm starting to like water marbles on my nails! great".. But as soon as I finished it, I hated it.. Damn..

But since it was the second mani I did that day [POST], I couldn't justify removing it.. Especially because I had spent so much time on it.. So I've worn it since and stil do!! I haven't removed it 'cause I didn't feel I had the time to do a new mani.. But hopefully I have today :)

Well on to the pictures.. I have a yellow base color on some of the nails and green on the others..

Left hand; Thumb, middle and pinkie with yellow base color

Right hand; Index and ring finger with yellow base color..

I hate the double water marble less than a single water marble..

It looks better from a distance:

Note to myself: Don't do a water marble again!!


  1. Sometimes different nail polishes don't work with water marbling. :)

    I love the colors though. it's very fall.

  2. I like the combo too! The thing about water marbling is that I can't really predict the result! It's always a surprise!

  3. Rachel Marie: Yeah that's true.. THese actually worked kind of well together..
    And I love the colors too :) I think I'm going to use them together for a design some time

    Fey: That's true! But now I've done water marbling 4 or 5 times, and I haven't liked it either of the times.. So now I'm done with it! haha


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