Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Typical Winter Mani

Since it's been snowing so much here lately, I thought I would do a typical snow-mani..

Here's the polishes that I used the most:

And here's the result:

I really like it :D it makes me happy! haha..

Showing off some shimmer (you can click to make larger):

I actually thought I would find this mani boring.. But that didn't happen, luckily!

And one more picture, just because I like it so much :)

Does any of you have snowy weather? And if you do, what do you think about it? I looove it - I love winter in general.. And this year it came early, so I'm double-happy :D


  1. :) It's not snowy here in Michigan Surprisingly! I hate snow, I drive a beetle and it's awful in snow!

    :) That came out really cute. How do you like the WNW polish?

  2. Well, that's good, now that you don't like it :) hehe. Well, I could imagine it would be awful when driving a car, but luckily my bike can drive in dnow :)

    I like it A LOT! It's amazing how good it is compared to my other whites.. And just in general it seems like good quality. I don't like the brush though.. But hey, not everything can be perfect..

  3. Hæ hæ. Er der en der har prøvet noget sneøl ??? fantastisk flot. :)

  4. Oh my god! That's so cute! I did my first winter mani this week too! It's on my blog!

  5. Thaanks :) Yeah, I've already seen it.. I wish I could have 'bare' nails in a mani, but they are too stained :/

  6. This is so cute, good work :)

  7. MissMarlboro: Thanks a lot :)


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