Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An old franken and nail art fail..

I made this yesterday.. I didn't know what to do, si I picked my first franken, which I redid a while ago.. My first franken wash just a mish mash og A LOT of colors.. I wanted to be a dark-ish with shimmer and glitter in a lot of variants.. As I remember I actually did like it.. at that time.. Later I thought "why?" So I added something to it.. I can't remember what I was aiming for and I never tried it..

So I did that yesterday.. And it looks like this:

I actually really like the color! It's just s shame with alle the different colored glitter and shimmer, but hey, it's good enough for me :) It kind of reminds me of a pair of jeans.. But I don't know why - I don't own any jeans in this color (whatever color this is)

Well, I picked two colors that I thought would look good on top of it.. Another franken and one of the few pinks I own..

And the color looked awesome together :D But the nail art.. Fail! The 'pattern' I wanted to make ended up being to big for my nails, so it just looks like a big mess!

This is what I'm talking about:

See how messy it is? I like the thumb the best because I almost fit in a whole pattern!

A pic to show off the shimmer in all the polishes:

I do really love this color combination.. I have to use it again, but the come up with a proper design.. I decided I wanted to keep this mani for a day, because the colors made me happy! But...

... Of course I ruined it! Not long after I finished I took a nap. Yeah I know, I'm too young, I should be able to get through the day without napping (We actually call a nap a 'Grandpa' in Danish slang) but I've been extremely tired the last couple of weeks and sleeping to much - and at the moment I'm cutting down on sleeping :p

Druing my nap I apparently folded my hands under the pillow, so my mani had pillow marks all over! Typical me.. I took it off and did aother mani, but this post is already WAY to long, so I'll post that another time..


  1. :) That color reminds me of faded jeans.

  2. I love the colours, they're so happy! The design reminds me a bit of the insides of a bittergourd.

  3. Rachel Marie: Allright, so it's not only me thinking of jeans? great! haha

    Cheryl: Yes they are very happy colors - and I do need to do something with them again..
    I have no idea what a bittergourd is, my dictionary doesn't know that word! Can you enlighten me? :)


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