Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Dutch haul!

I'm back from my trip to Holland :D It was a great trip, with a bit of Halloween, a bit of polish shopping and a lot of cozyness! But I spent WAY to much money..

There's no nails in this post, I just wanted to show what I bought and since I missed 2 days of school to go to Holland, I'm a bit behind, so haven't had the times to do any nails.. But maybe later :)

Yay! I've been looking for something for my cuticles and hands for a long time.. And there was Lush.. I've heard so much good about Lemony Flutter that I had to try it, and so far I like it :)

This is (L-R):
  • Paris Memories - NP 265
  • Paris Memories - NP 263
  • Miss Sporty - 330
  • Miss sporty - 301

This is (L-R):
  • Catrice - London's Weather Forecast ( I REALLY love that name)
  • Hema - (I have not idea what this one is called?)
  • Claire's - (I don't know what this one is called either?)
  • Hema - (I almost don't dare to say it, but I don't know what this one is called either :p But it's a metallic :D)

This is (L-E):
  • Essence - Purple Cherry
  • Essence - Watch Out!
  • Essence - Absolutely Stylish
  • Essence - Glisten Up!
  • Essence - Glitter Topcoat

And here's my favourite part (even though it sounds a bit boring):
  • Catrice - Quick Dry & High Shine Top coat
  • Essence - Nail Polish Remover Pen
  • Essence - Matt Top Coat
  • Mavala - Thinner for Nail Polish
The reason whythese last ones are my favourite, is because it would cost me a fortune if I should buy those things here in Denmark (much more compared to the 'real' nail polishes). I would'nt even be able to get 2 matte top coats and 1 thinner for the same amount of money this entire haul cost me! So guess who's happy :) haha..

So because I did this haul, I won't be buying ANY polishes for the REST of this year! Well at least I will promise that to myself.. I hope I can live up to it!


  1. Wow, sikke nogle fede ting du har fået købt, ville gerne prøve den flutter osse, må jeg huske, når jeg skal til Holland engang :)

  2. Ja eller få Lisy til at tage noget med når hun kommer :) Jeg kan jo rapportere tilbage og sige om jeg synes den er godt, hvis det er? :)
    Har brugt aaalt for mange penge, men det var lige de ting jeg syntes jeg manglede - så nu køber jeg ikke noget resten af året :D


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