Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've been very bad!

After my dutch haul I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any polishes the rest of the year (yeah it's a long time, but when you don't have money for it, it's fairly easy). Nevertheless I've broken my promise :/ I came buy a store where I've often bought some cheap polishes (and sometimes very bad ones too) and they had a white! I had to try it.. I thought now I already broke my promise I could just as well buy a beautiful green one I laid my eyes on.. So I had to try them:

I didn't really do any nail art since I just tried them.. The formula wasn't very well.. I've had both really bad ones and okay good ones from this brand. But it's very cheap, and that's why I accept it! haha..

One day I'll try them again, and a bit more careful this time, maybe I can get it to try reasonably..

But the brush on the white was really fucked up.. Look:
So I have to find another way of applying it, 'cause the brush is very streaky too.

So maybe I've found a reasonable white :)

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