Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flower Power

Today I've made a mani that I reaaallyyy like.. It was inspired by this mani made by Melissa from The Daily Nail a couple of days ago..

First the polishes used:

I tried to capture the niceness of my basecolors - 2 coats of Essence Absolutely Stylish and 1 coat of Glisten up!

Glisten Up! is a flakey-shimmer-ish.. I don't know what to call it, but some of you guys probably know. It flashes blue, green, silver and even a bit pink..

Well, I then did the flowers inspired by Melissas mani:

I like that it is kind of colorful, but without screaming of colors.. Does that make any sense?

Well I, of course, mattefied it (after I nicked one of the nails)

I can't stop looking at my nails! Pretty distracting when I'm studying :/ But still - I wanna do a new mani now! I need some more nails to paint!

I hope your weekend have been good so far! Mine has.. :)

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  1. ooh! Glisten up really adds extra awesomeness to a mani! :)

  2. It really does! I love it :)


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