Monday, November 15, 2010

The duel begins!

Amy at Starving Nail Addict has come up with a great concept; a duel, where she sets up a challenge, and picks one of her followers who want to challenge her.. Did that make any sense?

Well anyway, for her first challenge she chose 'gold' to be a theme.. and she chose all of her followers, that wanted to challenge her :) And one of them is me :)

So we are four ladies in this duel, we have all created our entry, and now it's time to vote :)

Here's the entries (how to vote is further down):

Starving Nail Addict

.little green heart


Myself :)

How to vote: You have to give each design a place, like 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and 4th place.. Of course the design you like the best is going to have a 1st place :) You either place your vote in my comments (it have to be this post) or THIS post at Starving Nail Addict.. Amy is making a point system and checking out the blogs and the votings :)

If none of this makes any sense, go to Starving Nail Addict and read Amy's description :)

So vote vote vote :) The winner will get a set of polishes, you can see them HERE..

And remeber, you can vote either here or at SNA, and you have to give each of the entries a place..

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