Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colorama Color Changing Polishes

A loong time ago, it must have been in the end of July, I played around a bit with some color changing polishes I bought in Brazil.. And now I've seen a lot about the CND effects on various blogs, and I realised it seemed like the same concept as the colorama ones..

Well, then today I realised that I did these photos, but I never shared them.. SO I thought I would do that now.. I don't have a lot to say but.. yeah..

This is the polish I used for base color..

Here are the color changing polishes. L-R: Rosados (pinkish), Azulados (Blue), Violetas (purple), Furta-cor(green and a bit of pinkish), Duorados(Gold)

It's my own interpretation of the color in the brackets, since I don't know Portugese.

And here it is over the base color (cliiiick for larger pic):

They are kind of nice..

To me it reminds me a lot of those CND effects.. But hey, I'm no expert.. at all.. I'm just a amateur nail art addict..

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