Friday, November 26, 2010

Coffee is my best friend!

At least at the moment.. I'm trying not to sleep 12 hours a night (yeah I'm very tired atm), so during the day I need to drink coffee, so that I won't fall asleep when I'm studying..

So I wanted to make a tribute to my new best friend..

I'm not sure if it's possible for others to see what I tried to make, So what do you guys see?

Polishes used:
The Gosh-one is called Cappuccino (very fitting, huh?) and I used it as a base for my index, middle and pinkie.. For the thumb and ring finger I used a frankens as a base (the smallest bottle). I used two Shazad-polishes and the franken, mixed in various ways, for the 'art'..

So what does it look like to you?


  1. Some fingers look like coffee beans and the thumb looks that the Coffee Mate commercial where you pour in the creamer and it forms a heart in the coffee. Am I even close?

  2. :) I like this a lot! :) It's really creative. And I'm craving coffee after no sleep last night and black friday shopping all morning!

  3. Starving: You're right about coffee beans! I don't know about that commercial, but both the thumb and ring finger is some of those 'figures' you can do in lattes.. So you are actually dead on! haha.. Glad that it was possible to see..

    Rachel Marie: Thanks :) That black friday- thing sounds pretty exciting.. That's the shopping-thing, right? Or am I totally wrong?


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