Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As simple as it gets..

I waited until today to take off my ruined mani.. It wasn't funny when my cuts came in contact with nail polish remover.. oh well..

I thought: I need something simple with not to many layers, so I'm sure I won't ruin it right away.. So this is how it turned out:

I really had i problem with my camera today.. In all the pics I took my hands where red! like very red.. it's weird.. I don't know what went wrong :S This is the only one that didn't turn out like that! This is a bit to light, but it's better than the other ones..

It's just sad, 'cause I really wanted to show off the awesome shimmer in these polishes.. But that must be another time then :/

Well about the not-ruin-you-mani part.. I kind of ruinedit a couple of hours later :/ I cleaned out some polish bottles so I could make some frankens (awesome frankens btw) and of course I couln't manage to keep my nails totally away from the acetone..

It's not as ruined as my last mani, but still.. Why do I do that all the time? Is it something I do subconsciously so I have an excuse to make a new mani? Naah I hope not.. haha :)

Am I really the only one who ruin manis all the time?


  1. This is so cute! What is the name of the color of the dark blue shimmer? I love it!

  2. You have been challenged to THE DUEL! (And careful when you do your mani. Cuts and nail polish remover...ouch).

  3. VV: The dark blue shimmer polish is Impala - Paparazzi.. I bought it when I was in Brasil, I don't know where else you can buy Impala?

    Starving: Yay! This is going to be fun :)

  4. :) I love all your mani's! You always have the cutest patterns.


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