Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bad news :/

My camera is broken :( So I won't have the opportunity to take any new pictures..

I might be able to borrow my moms old camera in 2 weeks, but untill then.. I can't really post.. Unless I'll take som crappy phone camera-pictures..

I'll miss sharing my manis, but I'll post when I have some decent pictures..

See ya at some point :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Typical Winter Mani

Since it's been snowing so much here lately, I thought I would do a typical snow-mani..

Here's the polishes that I used the most:

And here's the result:

I really like it :D it makes me happy! haha..

Showing off some shimmer (you can click to make larger):

I actually thought I would find this mani boring.. But that didn't happen, luckily!

And one more picture, just because I like it so much :)

Does any of you have snowy weather? And if you do, what do you think about it? I looove it - I love winter in general.. And this year it came early, so I'm double-happy :D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Coffee is my best friend!

At least at the moment.. I'm trying not to sleep 12 hours a night (yeah I'm very tired atm), so during the day I need to drink coffee, so that I won't fall asleep when I'm studying..

So I wanted to make a tribute to my new best friend..

I'm not sure if it's possible for others to see what I tried to make, So what do you guys see?

Polishes used:
The Gosh-one is called Cappuccino (very fitting, huh?) and I used it as a base for my index, middle and pinkie.. For the thumb and ring finger I used a frankens as a base (the smallest bottle). I used two Shazad-polishes and the franken, mixed in various ways, for the 'art'..

So what does it look like to you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Water marbling.. Why do I keep doing it?

And this is even a double water marbling.. And I don't like the look of a water marble on me.. But I think it's so fun to do..

All the while I did this, I loved it.. I thought " oh, maybe I'm starting to like water marbles on my nails! great".. But as soon as I finished it, I hated it.. Damn..

But since it was the second mani I did that day [POST], I couldn't justify removing it.. Especially because I had spent so much time on it.. So I've worn it since and stil do!! I haven't removed it 'cause I didn't feel I had the time to do a new mani.. But hopefully I have today :)

Well on to the pictures.. I have a yellow base color on some of the nails and green on the others..

Left hand; Thumb, middle and pinkie with yellow base color

Right hand; Index and ring finger with yellow base color..

I hate the double water marble less than a single water marble..

It looks better from a distance:

Note to myself: Don't do a water marble again!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An old franken and nail art fail..

I made this yesterday.. I didn't know what to do, si I picked my first franken, which I redid a while ago.. My first franken wash just a mish mash og A LOT of colors.. I wanted to be a dark-ish with shimmer and glitter in a lot of variants.. As I remember I actually did like it.. at that time.. Later I thought "why?" So I added something to it.. I can't remember what I was aiming for and I never tried it..

So I did that yesterday.. And it looks like this:

I actually really like the color! It's just s shame with alle the different colored glitter and shimmer, but hey, it's good enough for me :) It kind of reminds me of a pair of jeans.. But I don't know why - I don't own any jeans in this color (whatever color this is)

Well, I picked two colors that I thought would look good on top of it.. Another franken and one of the few pinks I own..

And the color looked awesome together :D But the nail art.. Fail! The 'pattern' I wanted to make ended up being to big for my nails, so it just looks like a big mess!

This is what I'm talking about:

See how messy it is? I like the thumb the best because I almost fit in a whole pattern!

A pic to show off the shimmer in all the polishes:

I do really love this color combination.. I have to use it again, but the come up with a proper design.. I decided I wanted to keep this mani for a day, because the colors made me happy! But...

... Of course I ruined it! Not long after I finished I took a nap. Yeah I know, I'm too young, I should be able to get through the day without napping (We actually call a nap a 'Grandpa' in Danish slang) but I've been extremely tired the last couple of weeks and sleeping to much - and at the moment I'm cutting down on sleeping :p

Druing my nap I apparently folded my hands under the pillow, so my mani had pillow marks all over! Typical me.. I took it off and did aother mani, but this post is already WAY to long, so I'll post that another time..

Monday, November 22, 2010

What is it with purple and green together?

I'm going to show you a mani I did yesterday.. First I'll show you my base colors..

I chose to have two base colors, because I wanted this one to shine through the next one:

And I took pictures of this one (Get Nailed! No name, 2 sheer coats) because I was surprised by the blue, red and pink glitter in it!

I have to admit that this is a polish I just bought (the promise I made about not buying any polishes for the rest of the year isn't going that well apparently) To my offense I have to say it was extremely cheap! 10 polishes in a packaged for 45 DKR ($8.24)! I've never in my life seen polishes that cheap in DK! And I thougt it would be crappy polishes, so I at least could use the bottles for frankening.. But the formula is VERY good! It's not all of the polishes I like, but I can use those for frankening..

Wow, I got sidetracked there.. Well onto the other base color (on top of the other, duh):

This is another Jordana polish [POST].. I love this one! A black base with purple (or magenta or something else, what is it called?) glitter..
The other polish didn't really shine through - the black base was more opaque than I remembered..

And for some reason, every time I apply this one I immediately think of green [POST].. So my nail art ended up being this:

It should be triangles, but I don't think it is easy to draw freehand, without it ending up being a wonky triangle.. But I like looking at this one, because of the color combination :) So I'm happy with it!

BTW, I'm trying to find the right nail shape for my, that's why the shape is different each time I post :p

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toothed wheel..

.. That is what this mani is supposed to be (in a Sofie kind of way)

This is the best picture I got, and it isn't even that good :/ But you get the picture!

I've actually worn this since thursday! :O That's a very long time for me! I've been visiting my parents, that's why.. But I hope I'll get the time to redo it before I go to bed, because I hate chipped manis!

I hope you've all had a great weekend :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


I was inspired by my last mani [POST] when I did this mani.. It didn't at all turn out the same..

Here's the base color:

It's Jordana - Coral Spark. I thought it would look a lot like the green hawaii, and it does, just a more muted kind.. And I couldn't capture it in the pics..
But I really love it. I have very good experiences with Jordana.. I own 3 (but would wish i owned more of them) and the formula's are excellent! It dries well and everything.. And they're cheap! :) So that's a big plus..

Well I wanted to do the same kind of mani as last time, but with squares instead of circles.. not a good idea!

It's just.. meh.. A bit tame.. I don't like it.. And I only wore it for a day.

I'm trying to figure out a consistent way of what to include in my post. I don't know yet which 'composition' I want my blog to have, it's kind of messy :p
But if you have any thoughts on that, please let me know! (If you understood what I was writing - I don't know how to express it in english?)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brown franken!

In my last mani [POST] I mentioned an awesome brown franken..

Here's what inspired that franken (cliick to make it larger):

Can you guess what it is? Well probably not.. It's my phone! Just a couple of weeks ago I discovered that it had an awesome subtle shimmer on some of the brown parts (i've had the phone for almost a year.. Apparently I don't pay attention to anything)

I thought that I wanted to franken a brown with that awesome shimmer.. It wasn't easy to find a polish of mine with red shimmer, but I did.. I really need some kind of glitter-thingies that I can mix in my frankens..

But this is how it turned out (click for larger):

The red shimmer isn't that visible, but I know it's there! haha.. I don't know if I'm ever going to use this one for a full mani, I just really find it fun to do frankens..

Do you guys have any experience with frankens?

Don't forget to make a vote in the duel, either on my blog or at Starving Nail Addict!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The duel begins!

Amy at Starving Nail Addict has come up with a great concept; a duel, where she sets up a challenge, and picks one of her followers who want to challenge her.. Did that make any sense?

Well anyway, for her first challenge she chose 'gold' to be a theme.. and she chose all of her followers, that wanted to challenge her :) And one of them is me :)

So we are four ladies in this duel, we have all created our entry, and now it's time to vote :)

Here's the entries (how to vote is further down):

Starving Nail Addict

.little green heart


Myself :)

How to vote: You have to give each design a place, like 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and 4th place.. Of course the design you like the best is going to have a 1st place :) You either place your vote in my comments (it have to be this post) or THIS post at Starving Nail Addict.. Amy is making a point system and checking out the blogs and the votings :)

If none of this makes any sense, go to Starving Nail Addict and read Amy's description :)

So vote vote vote :) The winner will get a set of polishes, you can see them HERE..

And remeber, you can vote either here or at SNA, and you have to give each of the entries a place..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hawaiian bullseye

I hope your weekend has been good so far :)

I know I've been doing a lot of simple designs lately, and I really wanna do some more complicated ones, but at the moment I have an urge to try out some of the colors that I've never used as a full mani, but only in nail art.. And that urge is stronger than my urge to make more complicated nail art :p

So today I wanted to use Gosh - Green Hawaii as my base color..

I really like it, but I had a hart time figuring out what kind of art I should do on top of with, with out it being too much and too confusing.. So this is what I ended up with:

It's nice and simple, and I think the two colors go well with the green. It's a brown franken (that I made a couple of days ago) and pink-coral-ish franken that I made couple of months ago (POST).
I'm coing to show the brown franken some day soon, so you can see what inspired me to do it, and how it actually looks..

I hope I can get myself to wear this for a couple of days (I know I say that all the time) as I'm going to have to concentrate a bit more on my studies instead of my nails :p

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I've been very bad!

After my dutch haul I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any polishes the rest of the year (yeah it's a long time, but when you don't have money for it, it's fairly easy). Nevertheless I've broken my promise :/ I came buy a store where I've often bought some cheap polishes (and sometimes very bad ones too) and they had a white! I had to try it.. I thought now I already broke my promise I could just as well buy a beautiful green one I laid my eyes on.. So I had to try them:

I didn't really do any nail art since I just tried them.. The formula wasn't very well.. I've had both really bad ones and okay good ones from this brand. But it's very cheap, and that's why I accept it! haha..

One day I'll try them again, and a bit more careful this time, maybe I can get it to try reasonably..

But the brush on the white was really fucked up.. Look:
So I have to find another way of applying it, 'cause the brush is very streaky too.

So maybe I've found a reasonable white :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rainbow over black!

About two weeks ago I didn't have the time to do any nail art.. And since I got my Gosh Rainbow I've wanted to try it over black.. So this was the perfect opportunity :)

I just couldn't stop looking at my nails!!

I'm in love with this polish.. I don't think I've ever used a polish this much in such a short period of time.. Thumbs up, Gosh!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As simple as it gets..

I waited until today to take off my ruined mani.. It wasn't funny when my cuts came in contact with nail polish remover.. oh well..

I thought: I need something simple with not to many layers, so I'm sure I won't ruin it right away.. So this is how it turned out:

I really had i problem with my camera today.. In all the pics I took my hands where red! like very red.. it's weird.. I don't know what went wrong :S This is the only one that didn't turn out like that! This is a bit to light, but it's better than the other ones..

It's just sad, 'cause I really wanted to show off the awesome shimmer in these polishes.. But that must be another time then :/

Well about the not-ruin-you-mani part.. I kind of ruinedit a couple of hours later :/ I cleaned out some polish bottles so I could make some frankens (awesome frankens btw) and of course I couln't manage to keep my nails totally away from the acetone..

It's not as ruined as my last mani, but still.. Why do I do that all the time? Is it something I do subconsciously so I have an excuse to make a new mani? Naah I hope not.. haha :)

Am I really the only one who ruin manis all the time?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weird colored lady bug-kind-of-looking mani

I apparently just do weird manis atm.. But I really really like this one.. I made this yesterday and promised myself I would wear this for at least a couple of days, but I ruined that for my self later in the evening (explanation after the pics)

See why it kind of look like a lady bug? But in weird colors.. I realised that after making the first couple of dots..

But I really like the color combination. I don't what got into me, I hadn't decided on what to do so I thought I'd choose a base color and then see what happened.. And I chose lilac? It's not a color I would normally wear as base color.. But hey - I liked the result..

And the polishes:
Yeah, I've piled them against my open ringbinder.. I do my nails while I'm studying, so that I read while the polish dries - and I couldn't get myself to remove all my books and stuff when I was finished, so I just used it as a replica..

Well the reason why I ruined the 'I-wanna-wear-this-mani-for-a-couple-of-days'-thing is that I cut my hair yesterday. I usually don't cut my hair by my self (only my bangs) but since I have a sidecut, I thought it would be safe - because no matter what I was doing, I didn't have to make it identical on both sides of the head! Plus I don't have the money yo go to the hairdresser at the moment, but my hair was so damaged that I really needed a hair cut..

But since I'm clumsy and not always think before I do stuff, I had an accident with the scissor.. Or I had 3 accidents (becaue I'm so stupid I repeat my mistakes). Well I cutted myself in my hand 3 times. I'm not sure how I did it, because that's not something you easily do, but I managed to it it 3 times!! Yeah, I'm stupid.. haha
Two of the cuts was close to the nails, so I couldn't put on plaster (My dictionary tells me this is the correct word - it's the same in Danish!) without covering the nails :/

So two of my nails now have a fine plaster-pattern on them! yay.. or.. But I still wear this mani, 'cause I've been changing my manis to often lately..
We'll se how long time I can live with a damaged mani (I hate damaged manis!)

Wow, I'm rambling.. I better get back to my studies.. Hopefully not doing my nails at the same time..

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weird spacey-kind-of mani

This is one hell of a weird mani. It looked so much better in my head. I wanted to take it off right away, but I promised myself I would wait a day, to spare my cuticles..

And matte (I really love my matte top coat):

There's one weird thing about my base colors:
Nihrida just posted a nail sticker that have a design that looks a lot like this - Check it out here! Does that look kind of like the same, or is it just me?

Here's what I used for it:
Hopefully I'll have the time to redo my nails later today!

I hope the beginning of the week has been kind to you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's such a beautiful day!

I went to the gym earlier today, and because it's such a nice weather, I decided to walk instead of grabbing my bike (it's only a 10-15 min. walk)

I thought it all looked so beautiful, so I snapped som pictures with my phone (so not the best quality)

I really love the contrast between the dark clouds and the ligt blue sky and sun!

If I had a better camera I would round around and take pics all the time..
One day, when I'm done with my education (very far away in the future) I'm going to buy a mirror reflex camera! Until then I can just dream about it..

I'm spamming today.. Apparently I just feel like sharing..

This really is distracting!

I keep looking at my nails instead of reading! They are right there next to the text.. haha..

DOn't get me wrong, I think it's super exciting what I'm reading.. But it's really not easy to concentrate when you have sparkly nails right next to the text, that looks different each time you glance at them.. I'm really impressed with that Glisten Up!

Well, I should get back to studying :) Does any one of you have the same problem - getting distracted by an awesome polish?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flower Power

Today I've made a mani that I reaaallyyy like.. It was inspired by this mani made by Melissa from The Daily Nail a couple of days ago..

First the polishes used:

I tried to capture the niceness of my basecolors - 2 coats of Essence Absolutely Stylish and 1 coat of Glisten up!

Glisten Up! is a flakey-shimmer-ish.. I don't know what to call it, but some of you guys probably know. It flashes blue, green, silver and even a bit pink..

Well, I then did the flowers inspired by Melissas mani:

I like that it is kind of colorful, but without screaming of colors.. Does that make any sense?

Well I, of course, mattefied it (after I nicked one of the nails)

I can't stop looking at my nails! Pretty distracting when I'm studying :/ But still - I wanna do a new mani now! I need some more nails to paint!

I hope your weekend have been good so far! Mine has.. :)

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Nail art contest at Simply Rins!

Rina at Simply Rins is having a nail art contest to celebrate her blogs 1st year!
The theme in the contest is color it red, where red is supposed to be the dominant color..

Here's my entry:

There are a lot of entries! So go vote for whoever you want to win! You should choose 3 entries that you like the best :)
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