Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Very quick mani

I've wanted to do a very quick mani, since I won't have the time to do it before I go to Holland tomorrow.. So I picked to colors without really knowing what I wanted to do.. I ended up doing stripes.. Not really creative or anything.. I wished I'd picked up some more colorful colors.. But hey, I just have to live with this mani until tuesday..

I don't think it's easy to see, but the base color on my thumb and ringfinger is blue and on the others it is grey.. I wouldn't have done that if I new I would end up doing this mani, but what the heck..

And here it is with the ring finger mattefied.. I think the grey one would look amazing mattefied on it's on, because there are multicolor shimmer in it.. I'll have to do that an some point :)

And these are the two polishes used..

This mani is neat and classy I think.. But I'm not that into neat and classy.. I rather want colorful and messy.. But it just have to do for now :)

Well as mentioned above, I'm going to Holland tomorrow and I'll be back monday evening/night.. So I won't be updating, and I probably even won't be doing my nails when I'm there.. But you never know! haha..

Hopefully I'll have a bit of money to buy some of the lovely cheap polishes they have down there :D One can only hope!

See ya and have a nice weekend and Halloween for those of you who celebrate that.

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