Friday, October 15, 2010

A tribute to Forlaget Ingersen!

Forlaget Ingersen is my mom's publishing company. Well, she publishes her own books. It is creative books for children, cutting, painting, pasting and stuff like that. I'm not sure what to call it in English.. Oh well.. This weekend she's at the Baby- and toddler Fair in Copenhagen - and as a tribute to that I did nail art inspired by her new webdesign on her webpage/webshop. You can see the inspiration here. The design is made by my oldest brother's wife and is set up my my oldest brother.. It's a real family-business - it's my dad who's taking the pictures for the book

On to the nail art:
Without flash

With flash

Without flash but with lots of light! This must be the most color accurate

To tell you a bit about the idea behind the books - why my mom decided to make them. Well she's a childminder and have been it for around 21 years. She's always been creative with her three kids (yeah that means me and my brothers) and the children in her care.. But she always had to simplify all the designs by herself, because there weren't anything directed at children. So she decided to do it herself. So she published her first book in 2004 and has made 11 books now (I think.. or 10? can't remember)
Her latest book as of a couple of days is an e-book and a christmas calender book - 24 designs (yeah we celebrate christmas eve here, not christmas day, so that's why it's 24 not 25)

The hands was the theme of my mom's first book - the outline of the hand was a part of each figure.. You can see some of the simplest examples on my thumb and ringfinger. See how easily a hand is made in to a fish or a squid.
Not all of the hands turned out good, but I'm satisfied with it.. I can always say that it was a child who did it! haha

Well that was a lot of blabbering.. If you want any further information on the books just contact me :)

I'll head off to the fair now.. See ya :)


  1. De billeder må vi have i forlagets facebookside, kan duu ikke oploade dem der?

  2. I love this design! You are so lucky to have such an artistic mom. :) Are her books in English too?

  3. Liz: Thanks a lot :) I feel very lucky! Her books aren't in english, it's a very small publishing company she has - because none of the big ones wanted to publish her books. So she does everything by herself (and she don't even earn any money on this) so she doesn't have any connections to publishing companies who would publish it in englishl. But on the website she has some 'free downloads' and I have worked on translating some of them, but I don't know if they are finished with the layout and all that..
    If you want me to I can find out if there is any finished material in english and I can send it to you on an email?

    Sorry for the looong reply! haha


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