Saturday, October 9, 2010

This is a totally new thing for me!

Remember when I bought polishes for my last money 1½ week ago? Well, I've tried two of them (Happy Grey and Rainbow) and I had two more to try.. I thought they looked a bit like each other - and they do - but that's kind of sad in this case.. I don't like them :o
It's Gosh - Ocean and H&M - No Mambo Jumbo.. Here they are:

I've seen swatches of No Mambo Jumbo and I loved it! But apparently not on my nails :( And these where the most expensive polishes I bought that day (100 DKR - $18,60), so it really sucks! When you don't have that much money and you spend a great deal of them on polishes you don't like, then it's really a bummer! I could actually get 6 polishes from pieces for the same amount of money, and instead I have 2 I don't like! :(

Well enough with the rambling.. I didn't wanna take the polishes off, because my cuticles would hate me for that.. So I tried to cover it with some quick nail art.. That made it even worse! Hah..

Needles to say I took it off the morning after.. The mani I did instead I'll show you later..

That was a lot of negativity.. sorry for that.. But I hope you all have a great weekend so far :)

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