Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainbow gradient

Well not rainbow-rainbow.. But a gradient with my beloved Gosh - Rainbow.. And a franken.. and a new polish from Pieces..
A couple of weeks ago I franked ad lime green polish - I've wanted one for a while and couldn't really find one cheap, so I made it myself. And i did put some Gosh - Rainbow in it, because I thought it would look awesome.. Then a couple of days ago Pieces got new polishes.. And one of htme was a lime (kind of neon) green.. So I had to buy it.. The only way I could think of using my lime-polishes was to do a gradient.. And because Rainbow was in the franken one, I included that one too..

Without flash

With flash

It's not a very obvious gradient.. But I like it.. It's not easy to capture it.. I think this is the best picture of the gradient itself:

And the dots? Well, I don't wanna wear 'just' a gradient.. And the only thing I know to do on top if a gradient so it doesn't look like crap - is dots! I've done it before with another franken HERE, so it's actually a mani I've done before.. but.. yeah..

Anyone who has suggestions on what to do on top of a gradient?


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