Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pieces to the rescue!

Yesterday I had a tad of disappointment I needed to express.. So today I'll contribute with a bit of positivity tot he world :)

A week ago or so I tripped over a polish from pieces with 50 % off.. That means it was 10 DKK ( about $1,80) That's extremely cheap in Danish terms.. Normally it's 20 per piece (surprise!) and 3 for 50 ($9,30), so normally it's very cheap.. They just had so many of just this color so it was 50 % off..
I haven't tried any of their polishes before, b/c I thought it would be pretty bad.. But I bought this one, so I could finally try it..

After the first layer I hated it.. But after the second I fell in love :) It actually had i good coverage and drying time even though it's just a cheap polish you can buy in an accessory store. And I didn't expect to like the color at all but I did :)

Well, I wanted to do some kind of nail art (ofcourse) and it ended up like this:
Simple enough.. It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but when I consider that I was sitting in my couch and didn't really have anything to rest my ahnds on or any good lightninh it is actually quite okay :) Either way I love it :)

When I was about to make this post I realised that the mani kind of matched my Firefox Theme, so I took a picture to show you:
The lightning isn't very good at this pic, but what the heck..

Enjoy your day :)


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