Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm in love with this shade!

The shade I'm in love with is La Femme - Turquoise.. Well, obviously there's something wrong with the naming on the bottle.. But anyway I love it :) This pic are a bit darker than IRL, but the next pics are more color accurate :)

There's just one problem with this polish.. It doesn't dry very well and there's a lot of bubbles :/ I have very different experiences with La Femme polishes.. Some are goopy, some never really dries, but some of them are amazing.. I know the colors are amazing.. haha.. I think I have to try them for real, to see which are good which are not. Maybe there'll be a kind fo review one day :) At least so I can remember it!

I had two ideas about what to do.. So I did both - one on each hand :)

I actually like this design.. The squares aren't really accurate, but that's the charm about freehand designs ;) Haha.. I have to do it again sometimes with a lot of different colors :)

I mattified one nail with ManGlaze, only a little bit of crackle :)

On the other hand I made this design, which is inspired by this design made by Cucumpear.. Mine is not as pretty, but I like it anyway :)

Well I gotta get back to my studies!

See ya!

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