Monday, October 11, 2010

I do other stuff than painting my nails.. sometimes..

Well of course I study too.. And see other people :p haha.. But I'm in a period where I love to sew! By hand, because I don't have a sewing machine.. But that's kind of the charm about it.. I'm not particulary good at it, but I enjoy doing it, and that must be the point, right? :)

Well, about a week ago I went out and bought some fabric. I bought the cheapest and most colorful I could find (if you haven't noticed it, I like colors :D)..

The plan was to make a cushion cover (among other things) for a very large cushion we have . I just finished it this weekend, I've spend A LOT of hours on it while I've been watching Dexter and chilling out.. Time I could have spend studying - but hey you need a break sometimes, right?
And because I'm so proud, I'll show it to you :)

The pillow in it's whole color-ness.. Notice that there's similar colors on the blanket in the background.. And on the other cushions! :p

The buttons.. It's the first time ever that I've sewed buttons in anything..

And a close up of the button.. Well It doesn't look very neat or anything.. But what the heck.. I did it myself that's the important thing! haha.. And that I used different colors of thread.. 5 different colors in total. I thought I could just as well keep up the colorful-part..

Besides that I've made a kind of cardholder.. I've made it out of the same fabric as above and a piece of some old jeans.. Right now I'm using it for my gym-membership-card, but I'll probably use it for my visa and coins on some occasions..

I've never tried to sew anything with an inner and outer side either.. (again I'm very proud!)

And yeah, even the coffee table is colored :p

Maybe this fabric will inspire to some nail art in the future :)

Right now I'll just enjoy all the happy colors in our living room.. :)

Do you have any other hobby than nail art?

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