Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Very quick mani

I've wanted to do a very quick mani, since I won't have the time to do it before I go to Holland tomorrow.. So I picked to colors without really knowing what I wanted to do.. I ended up doing stripes.. Not really creative or anything.. I wished I'd picked up some more colorful colors.. But hey, I just have to live with this mani until tuesday..

I don't think it's easy to see, but the base color on my thumb and ringfinger is blue and on the others it is grey.. I wouldn't have done that if I new I would end up doing this mani, but what the heck..

And here it is with the ring finger mattefied.. I think the grey one would look amazing mattefied on it's on, because there are multicolor shimmer in it.. I'll have to do that an some point :)

And these are the two polishes used..

This mani is neat and classy I think.. But I'm not that into neat and classy.. I rather want colorful and messy.. But it just have to do for now :)

Well as mentioned above, I'm going to Holland tomorrow and I'll be back monday evening/night.. So I won't be updating, and I probably even won't be doing my nails when I'm there.. But you never know! haha..

Hopefully I'll have a bit of money to buy some of the lovely cheap polishes they have down there :D One can only hope!

See ya and have a nice weekend and Halloween for those of you who celebrate that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Grey is back on my nails :)

Hope you all've had a good weekend :)

Ever since I wore H&M Happy Grey for the first time, I've wanted to wear it again :) So I decided to wear again.. I reeeaally like it.. I don't know why I can like a grey that much, but I do!

Well I wanted to do something colorful, but my hands where veeery shaky and I was very clumsy, so it should be a very simple design. So dots it is :)

And matte: :)

I shouldn't have used the darker colors, it looks a bit murky.. But I like it anyway :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm in love with this shade!

The shade I'm in love with is La Femme - Turquoise.. Well, obviously there's something wrong with the naming on the bottle.. But anyway I love it :) This pic are a bit darker than IRL, but the next pics are more color accurate :)

There's just one problem with this polish.. It doesn't dry very well and there's a lot of bubbles :/ I have very different experiences with La Femme polishes.. Some are goopy, some never really dries, but some of them are amazing.. I know the colors are amazing.. haha.. I think I have to try them for real, to see which are good which are not. Maybe there'll be a kind fo review one day :) At least so I can remember it!

I had two ideas about what to do.. So I did both - one on each hand :)

I actually like this design.. The squares aren't really accurate, but that's the charm about freehand designs ;) Haha.. I have to do it again sometimes with a lot of different colors :)

I mattified one nail with ManGlaze, only a little bit of crackle :)

On the other hand I made this design, which is inspired by this design made by Cucumpear.. Mine is not as pretty, but I like it anyway :)

Well I gotta get back to my studies!

See ya!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well that didn't help..

After doing my nails I managed to concentrate for a couple of hours.. And then I found another procrastination: A new design for my blog.. I've wanted to make one for some time.. So I began thinking about how I could do it.. And then I couldn't concentrate on studying anymore :p

I don't really know if I like this.. I'm really a fan of tartan-pattern (is that how I should write it?) at the moment, so.. yeah.. This came out of it.. Maybe I'll change it a bit later, but so far this is okay for me.. But I really wanted to change the color on the date-thingy, anyone who knows how to do that?

Peacock and one less procrastination..

Hey all :)
Hope you are all doing well!

I have a fall-break this week, but that doesn't mean I can just relax and do nothing :/ I have to assignments to do and a lot of studying.. But I keep finding new procrastinations, but now I've done the most pressing one; my nails.. If I have an idea for a design, I can just keep reading or writing - I just have to do it.. So here it is:

Direct sunlight (most color accurate)

Indirect sunlight

All of a sudden I really wanted to do peacock-nails.. And I think it turned out pretty good :) I really looove the colors.. And here they are in their bottles:

See the bitemarks on the cap of some of the bottles? That's how I open my bottles when I can't do it by hand.. Probably not that good for my teeth..

Well, I should go concentrate on my studies now.. If I can..

Have a good one :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dust & Diamonds!

Hey all!

I hope everybody has had a good weekend :)
Today I wanted to try out H&M Dust & Diamond, a polish I just bought (yeah oops, I shouldn't spend money on that..) It's a lovely color and a one-coater - and I thought I would do diamonds on it.. I got the design idea from SuPa, but it didn't really turn aout the way I wanted.. But here it is anyway:

With flash

I thought it should have some more glitter, so I added La Femme Fairy Dust on top:

Without flash

I'm going to try to do a diamond-design another day, I think it should be with some other colors to make it look better..

Have a good one!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A tribute to Forlaget Ingersen!

Forlaget Ingersen is my mom's publishing company. Well, she publishes her own books. It is creative books for children, cutting, painting, pasting and stuff like that. I'm not sure what to call it in English.. Oh well.. This weekend she's at the Baby- and toddler Fair in Copenhagen - and as a tribute to that I did nail art inspired by her new webdesign on her webpage/webshop. You can see the inspiration here. The design is made by my oldest brother's wife and is set up my my oldest brother.. It's a real family-business - it's my dad who's taking the pictures for the book

On to the nail art:
Without flash

With flash

Without flash but with lots of light! This must be the most color accurate

To tell you a bit about the idea behind the books - why my mom decided to make them. Well she's a childminder and have been it for around 21 years. She's always been creative with her three kids (yeah that means me and my brothers) and the children in her care.. But she always had to simplify all the designs by herself, because there weren't anything directed at children. So she decided to do it herself. So she published her first book in 2004 and has made 11 books now (I think.. or 10? can't remember)
Her latest book as of a couple of days is an e-book and a christmas calender book - 24 designs (yeah we celebrate christmas eve here, not christmas day, so that's why it's 24 not 25)

The hands was the theme of my mom's first book - the outline of the hand was a part of each figure.. You can see some of the simplest examples on my thumb and ringfinger. See how easily a hand is made in to a fish or a squid.
Not all of the hands turned out good, but I'm satisfied with it.. I can always say that it was a child who did it! haha

Well that was a lot of blabbering.. If you want any further information on the books just contact me :)

I'll head off to the fair now.. See ya :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainbow gradient

Well not rainbow-rainbow.. But a gradient with my beloved Gosh - Rainbow.. And a franken.. and a new polish from Pieces..
A couple of weeks ago I franked ad lime green polish - I've wanted one for a while and couldn't really find one cheap, so I made it myself. And i did put some Gosh - Rainbow in it, because I thought it would look awesome.. Then a couple of days ago Pieces got new polishes.. And one of htme was a lime (kind of neon) green.. So I had to buy it.. The only way I could think of using my lime-polishes was to do a gradient.. And because Rainbow was in the franken one, I included that one too..

Without flash

With flash

It's not a very obvious gradient.. But I like it.. It's not easy to capture it.. I think this is the best picture of the gradient itself:

And the dots? Well, I don't wanna wear 'just' a gradient.. And the only thing I know to do on top if a gradient so it doesn't look like crap - is dots! I've done it before with another franken HERE, so it's actually a mani I've done before.. but.. yeah..

Anyone who has suggestions on what to do on top of a gradient?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Roses are red and...

Happy Tuesday :) Well, not for me, but I hope you have one!

I made this mani sunday, an luckily there where sun, so I have sunlight pics for you :) I got the idea of making roses, I have no idea why.. But I did it.. I didn't wanna do one on each nail, neither did I want to have nails without art, so I decided to stripe the rest of the nails eith the colors used for the rose..

In sunlight :)

In direct sunlight :) wee

I like it a lot :) I don't know why, the the stripes remind me of candy? Pretty weird..

The base color is a franken I did a while back.. And the green one is too actually..

Well, see ya :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

I do other stuff than painting my nails.. sometimes..

Well of course I study too.. And see other people :p haha.. But I'm in a period where I love to sew! By hand, because I don't have a sewing machine.. But that's kind of the charm about it.. I'm not particulary good at it, but I enjoy doing it, and that must be the point, right? :)

Well, about a week ago I went out and bought some fabric. I bought the cheapest and most colorful I could find (if you haven't noticed it, I like colors :D)..

The plan was to make a cushion cover (among other things) for a very large cushion we have . I just finished it this weekend, I've spend A LOT of hours on it while I've been watching Dexter and chilling out.. Time I could have spend studying - but hey you need a break sometimes, right?
And because I'm so proud, I'll show it to you :)

The pillow in it's whole color-ness.. Notice that there's similar colors on the blanket in the background.. And on the other cushions! :p

The buttons.. It's the first time ever that I've sewed buttons in anything..

And a close up of the button.. Well It doesn't look very neat or anything.. But what the heck.. I did it myself that's the important thing! haha.. And that I used different colors of thread.. 5 different colors in total. I thought I could just as well keep up the colorful-part..

Besides that I've made a kind of cardholder.. I've made it out of the same fabric as above and a piece of some old jeans.. Right now I'm using it for my gym-membership-card, but I'll probably use it for my visa and coins on some occasions..

I've never tried to sew anything with an inner and outer side either.. (again I'm very proud!)

And yeah, even the coffee table is colored :p

Maybe this fabric will inspire to some nail art in the future :)

Right now I'll just enjoy all the happy colors in our living room.. :)

Do you have any other hobby than nail art?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pieces to the rescue!

Yesterday I had a tad of disappointment I needed to express.. So today I'll contribute with a bit of positivity tot he world :)

A week ago or so I tripped over a polish from pieces with 50 % off.. That means it was 10 DKK ( about $1,80) That's extremely cheap in Danish terms.. Normally it's 20 per piece (surprise!) and 3 for 50 ($9,30), so normally it's very cheap.. They just had so many of just this color so it was 50 % off..
I haven't tried any of their polishes before, b/c I thought it would be pretty bad.. But I bought this one, so I could finally try it..

After the first layer I hated it.. But after the second I fell in love :) It actually had i good coverage and drying time even though it's just a cheap polish you can buy in an accessory store. And I didn't expect to like the color at all but I did :)

Well, I wanted to do some kind of nail art (ofcourse) and it ended up like this:
Simple enough.. It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but when I consider that I was sitting in my couch and didn't really have anything to rest my ahnds on or any good lightninh it is actually quite okay :) Either way I love it :)

When I was about to make this post I realised that the mani kind of matched my Firefox Theme, so I took a picture to show you:
The lightning isn't very good at this pic, but what the heck..

Enjoy your day :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This is a totally new thing for me!

Remember when I bought polishes for my last money 1½ week ago? Well, I've tried two of them (Happy Grey and Rainbow) and I had two more to try.. I thought they looked a bit like each other - and they do - but that's kind of sad in this case.. I don't like them :o
It's Gosh - Ocean and H&M - No Mambo Jumbo.. Here they are:

I've seen swatches of No Mambo Jumbo and I loved it! But apparently not on my nails :( And these where the most expensive polishes I bought that day (100 DKR - $18,60), so it really sucks! When you don't have that much money and you spend a great deal of them on polishes you don't like, then it's really a bummer! I could actually get 6 polishes from pieces for the same amount of money, and instead I have 2 I don't like! :(

Well enough with the rambling.. I didn't wanna take the polishes off, because my cuticles would hate me for that.. So I tried to cover it with some quick nail art.. That made it even worse! Hah..

Needles to say I took it off the morning after.. The mani I did instead I'll show you later..

That was a lot of negativity.. sorry for that.. But I hope you all have a great weekend so far :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flamboyant Fingers with Flamingos

Hi Y'all!

Hope you've had a great start of the week.. I have :)

Today one of my classmates looked at my elephant-nails and asked: "What are you going to do next?" I let her decide, and she decided on flamingos :)
Without flash

With flash

I think they turned out great :) I'm not really into that pink-ish look, but when it's combined with the blue and it matches the flamingos it's okay.. But I'll se if I get tired of that girly color! haha..

Well, I will take of to the gym for an hour of dancing, so see ya :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dots over water marble

I hope you all have had a great weekend so far.. I've had a lot of catching up with friends and more to come, so I probably won't get to study :/ But hey, you have to live your life too, right? :)

I have an old mani for you.. I did a water marble again a couple of weeks ago.. But as usual I think it's fun to do the marble, but I don't like the outcome.. So I decided to make a lot of dots on top of it.. Here's how it turned out..

Without flash

With flash

I'm not sure if I like it.. But there is a lot of colors and it's a mess, so per definition I should love it.. haha.. I took it off the next day anayway :p

See ya :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Elephant!

On of the polishes I bought the other day was H&M - Happy Grey.. I thought it would just be an oridnary grey, but when I used it I discovered it had a nice shimmer in it! Well anyway, when I happily showed my new polishes to my brother, when I showed him the grey he said: "What are you going to use that for? For drawing elephants?" So I did!

I had several ideas how to do it, but I picked a cartoon-ish style.. That's easier and more fun.. Of those ideas I had I picked the simplest one :)
And here's howit looks:

With flash
Without flash

And trying to show of the shimmer - without flash

And these are the polishes I used.. It's the second from the left that's my new favourite grey :)

I really like this look.. It makes me happy :)

Have a nice weekend :)
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