Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I spent money on polishes today :/ Well I'm thrilled, but I shouldn't do that! haha. But my excuse was that it's payday in a couple of days and I still had some money left..
One of the polishes was Gosh - Rainbow that I've wanted for a loong time! It was on sale (not much cheaper but still) so I had to get it.. And as soon as I got home I tried on top of my current design.. This design is inspired by one of Cille's designs here.

This is my current design as of yesterday:
Left hand, without flash

Right hand without flash

And here's it with 2 coats of Rainbow.. It was so difficult to photograph, but most of you know how it looks anyway..

I really like this design :) It's simple, yet lovely! And there are colors!! haha..

I have a good idea what to do next.. And it involves Rainbow! I just hope it turns out okay.. But I'll see :)


  1. Nice! Det første jeg tænkte, det ligner sgu da mit design :D sødt af dig at henvise :)
    Jeg blir simpelthen NØDT til at eje GOSH rainbow, wow, den er fin :D

  2. Hehe.. Jeg sagde jo jeg ville prøve.. Men syns stadig dit var pænere!
    Ja, den er helt fantastisk.. Tror jeg skal prøve den over sort idag så man rigtig kan se dens fantastisk-hed..


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