Thursday, September 16, 2010

My best franken ever! And weather-inspired nails..

I've seriously made my best franken ever! Not only do I really love how it looks, but it's also amazing when it comes to drying time and coverage.. I also have the same problems with (almost) all of my polishes; it takes ages to dry! I don't know why, I'm not that impatient or anything, but most of the time I spend hours after finishing a mani trying to not make any dents or anything.. But this franken.. When I finished polishing the last nail, the first one was dry! None of my polishes ever do that! Not even with help from my 'fast drying top coat' (which isn't very fast drying). So I have no idea how this franken turned out to be a super fast drying one?

I'm seriously amazed.. I've never done a mani faster that this one today! Not even a mani without nail art (even though that doesn't happen often)

Well enough with the rambling, I'm just very puzzled about how it could happen..
Here's the polish:

With flash

Without flash

When I made this franken yesterday, it somehow inspired me to do nails based on yesterdays weather; rainy and windy..

Without flash

With flash

I know that red doesn't have anything to do with rain, trees and lightning (yeah, that was what I tried to make :p) in real life but on my nails it does! At least today..

I loove the colors :D

Have you ever made a franken that totally surprised you (positively)?

That must be enough blabbering for today!

See ya!

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