Monday, September 20, 2010

Multicolored bubbles, space hoppers or whatever..

Heya and happy Monday :)

This monday is a bit special for me, as we are a couple of guys from Uni who are having a kind of challenge in this week. Since our study is about understanding other cultures and stuff like that, we wanted to try out something from a different culture. So we are having our own mini Ramadan this week.. So that means we are not eating while the sun is on the sky.. So today I haven't been eating from 6.52 am to 7.13 pm.. I was staaarving! And I felt a bit silly when I was sitting with my freshly made food at 7.10 pm, waiting and staring at the food.. haha

There's nothing religous or anything in it, but it's fun to challenge your body and mind, because we are so used to be able to eat all the time.. And when we are going on field work when we become anthropologists, we are going to endure all kinds of weird things anyway..
All of a sudden you really appreciate food (not that I haven't always done that) It's exciting to see if I can keep this up until friday evening when our challenge ends!

Well on to the nails:

I had this idea for a mani with a lot of colored bubbles/space hoppers, maybe soap bubbles? - I'm not really sure what, but something colorful, round and able to float/jump/fly through space.. Not space like in the galaxy but just through something.. Err.. let me just show you the result...:
Right hand with flash
Left hand with flash
Left hand without flash..

I liked the result.. It didn't turn out like expected, but it was colorful and it made me happy :) And I got a lot of nice comment on it..

Mmmm, colors!!


  1. Mega fede mani, jeg uploader snart noget ligende, af dem jeg har liggende :P

  2. Taak :) Haha selvfølgelig har vi lavet nogenlunde det samme :p

  3. It reminds me of the candy Nerd's Ropes, it looks fabulous!


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