Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've got internet again :D

I finally got my internet up and running :D So no more using others internet and getting kicked off all the time.. Wuhuu :)

I've made sooo many manis! But I'll begin with showing two of them, or else it'll be a drag to get through..

Here's a blue/grey and holo striped mani.. Simple, but I really loooved the holo effect..
On my ring finger is a coat of a gosh glitter-kind-of-polish, and it really had a crazy effect in real life.. I'm not that good at the nail polish terminology, but I think if there's any such thing as holo glitter, that was what it was..

Next up is a sea-inspired mani..
From left to right - it is supposed to be - seaweed, a stingray, seaweed, corals and an octopus

And again, here it's supposed to be corals, seaweed, a shoal of fish and a jellyfish (well that's the thumb, if you can't see it, I didn't really know if I should count it as the first or last)

I really enjoyed doing the sea-mani.. I think I'll try to do somethin "life-like" again soon, because I've been making a lot of simple manis.. But I'm not sure what, so if you have any suggestions just throw them at me.

I'll be updating again soon (if anyone cares).. See ya :)

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