Monday, September 27, 2010

I've gone matte crazy!

After making my pirates nails I really wanted to do something with matte and shiny polishes. I had this great idea with a green polishof mine and matte is murder.. But it didn't really turn out that well..

with flash

My idea was to have both matte and shiny in the design, but one nail with a regular topcoat so it would be all shiny and show all the loveliness of Matte is murder.
I decided to try out with one nail with Matte-astrophe on top, so there would be one complete matte, on complete shiny and the rest was both matte and shiny..

Here's how it looks:

Without flash

But it was so difficult to do the nail art with matte is murder, because it dries because it's matte.. So I didn't like how it looked at all!

So I decided to mattefy all the nails but one.. It made it a bit better, but not much..

Without flash

I should have done the other way round, withMatte is murder as a base and do the nail art with the green, but I was afraid that the green wouldn't really show when put on top the black polish.. But maybe I should try that another time..

It's about time to remove this anyway - I've been wearing it for 2½ day! That's a long time for a mani I don't like, but I'm pretty busy at the moment..

I hope I'll be back soon :)

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