Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corals.. ish..


Today was my day off! And what better way of using a rainy, stormy autumn day than taking a swin in the ocean? It was reeeally nice! Cold, yea, but you have this very nice feeling in your body afterwards.. We were a group of 10 people from Uni, and we are going to do this approx. once a month troughout the winter.. So it's going to be even more cold.. But fun :)

On the the nails..

This is a mani where I wanted to try out all my coral-like, orange/pink-ishs..
I kind of liked it.. Well, I liked the idea, but I was pretty sloppy when I made it, so it didn't turn out that well.. It was supposed to be bows :p It kind of just look like.. yeah I don't know..
But I really liked the combination of colors..

It got destroyed the same day by paint, so the next day I decided to do a mani with one of the colors from this mani (and shorter nails - I broke one again :/ and decided it was impossible for me to have 'long' - for my standard - nails)

I used the one I used for the stripes, it's a franken designed to look like Magnetic Force like it does in the bottle..
It's not spot on, but kind of close.. Maybe it should be a little bit more pink-ish, but I like it this way
With flash

Without flash (the most color accurate of those two pics)

It's just something simple, but I really like how it looks, because I love my frankened color.. It has a nice shimmer in it..

See ya !

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