Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn is here :) Yay!

Yeah.. I'm so glad it's not summer anymore (at least according to the calender) - so I had to dedicate a mani to autumn.
Yeah I know most people want summer to stay, but I'm sick and tired of the warm weather and the sun shining all the time.. So I'm glad it's a bit colder (even though I'm already freezing and it's not at all that cold)

The red one I've used on my ring finger and as some of the leaves is a franken. I've been really hooked on making frankens the last weeks; I've made so many (well 5 or something) that I haven't even tried them all yet.. But I will at some point :)

I did this mani on the 31st of august, so I'm kind of catching up on previous manis. My internet is still not working, but I've found another internet to log on to, which is more stabil than the other and a bit faster..
I'm only going to show you one mani now, or else it will take too long to update with this internet connection.

Tomorrow is my first 'real' day of school and it's soo exciting to see how it is like :)

See ya!

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